Is a Halfway House or Intensive Outpatient Program in South Florida Better for Me?

Completing rehab is a major step in the right direction, but it is not the final destination. Being able to work on your recovery while living in society is the most important factor in determining lifelong success. Right before you complete rehab, you counselor and/or case manager will probably sit down and go over your options with you. You may have been presented with the options of a halfway house or intensive-outpatient program (IOP) in South Florida. Both options are designed to help you stay sober after rehab. The better option varies by individual.

A halfway house is a residential experience. You would be living among other newly sober individuals. Halfway houses would require you to pay rent, have a job, attend meetings, do chores, participate in recovery-related activities, adhere to a curfew, etc. Random drug or alcohol testing may be a condition of living there. An IOP program would consist of going to a counseling center several times a week for several hours to participate in group and individualized counseling.

How to Determine Which One is Better for You?

A halfway house is good for those who want to live among other sober individuals to learn with them and get better along with them. Halfway house rules are often strictly enforced, and having to be able to get along with other residents in spite of differences is required. This choice can be due to not having a healthy environment to go home to (e.g. dysfunctional family), not wanting to be triggered by relapse triggers that may exist back home, or because you simply think it is beneficial for your recovery. The cost will be paid in monthly rent and some other expenses may apply.

IOP is often two to three days a week for two to five hours. Day and evening sessions are held to accommodate all schedules. You do not live at the facility; you only go during program hours. Group therapy, individual therapy, and other group activities may be a part of the program. Drug and alcohol testing may be a requirement for the program. The cost may be fully or partially covered by your insurance. If you do not have insurance, sliding-scale options may be available.

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