Is A Halfway House In Delray The Same Thing As Treatment?

When the doors open at rehab after a thirty day stint, the patient is sent out to test their sober wings. Not everyone is ready to take full responsibility for their life at this point. They might be a little unsure about their ability to stay clean while facing the pressures of everyday life. This is the type of recovering addict who is perfectly suited for a Delray sober living environment.

A sober living home provides an environment where recovering addicts can live among other recovering addicts. Each resident starts with a set of responsibilities that usually includes doing chores around the house and attending 12-Step meetings. They could also be drug tested to make sure they haven\’t relapsed, which would typically disqualify them from sober living. Over time, each resident is given additional responsibilities like going back to work and/or school. As long as things are going well, each resident moves closer to moving out of sober living and taking full responsibility for their life.

The time spent in sober living usually ranges from one to six months, depending on the resident\’s progress. It\’s not unheard of for some residents to stay in sober living for as much as a year. Sober living is available for as long as the resident feels unsure about tackling life on their own.

Is Sober Living the Same as Treatment

While some residents might receive counseling while in a sober living home, it would not be accurate to say sober living is the same as treatment. Instead, it would generally be considered an extension of the treatment process.

In rehab, much of the hard work has already been done. Patients go through therapy to learn about their addiction and acquire the coping skills they will need to avoid future relapse. By the time they get to a sober living home, the concern shifts to the recovering addict maintaining sobriety while they relearn how to navigate day-to-day life. It\’s a safe place where they have a built-in support system until they can go it on their own.

If you are dealing with an addiction and would like more information about treatment and sober living, we encourage you to call our rehab facility at 833-846-5669. There\’s no future when trying to live through an addiction. With our help, you can get back to living a normal life without having to depend on harmful substances likes drugs or alcohol.

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