Is a 30 Day Program at an Alcohol Rehab Center Long Enough to Recover?

When someone enters rehab for an addiction issue, they do so with a unique set of circumstances. Everyone’s addiction is different in terms of the drugs people are using and the extent of their addictions. That’s why all of the top drug and alcohol treatment centers have to maintain full slates of treatment options.

There have to be viable treatment options for each individual if treatment is going to be effective. When you finally get to the point you want to do something about your addiction, you will realize rehab is your only viable option. You’ll enter through the front doors of the rehab facility with caring treatment professionals there to take you into the facility. They will start you with an intake interview. Based on the information you would provide them, they will be able to select a treatment program that should meet your needs.

If they decide that a 30-day treatment program is adequate to deliver you recovery from your addiction, you should go with that. Year-round and every day, they treat addiction sufferers just like you. Through experience, they generally have a good idea about how to approach each client. During your 30-day stint in rehab, you might have to participate in a detox program. This would afford you a chance to deal with your withdrawal symptoms before moving on to therapy.

If you are wondering about the necessity of a detox program, you might want to consider the potential risks associated with some withdrawal symptoms. While symptoms might vary based on the drug or drugs in question, some general symptoms might include:

  • Significant breathing issues
  • Problems with blood pressure and heart rate
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Muscle cramping and body tremors
  • Psychological issues

By participating in a medical detox program, you will have the benefit of knowing that medical professionals are standing by to help you if you need medical intervention. By the time you get to therapy, you can start working on find out the truth about why you have been choosing to abuse drugs or alcohol. After discovering the secret to your illness, you would then get the chance to work on solutions in the form of better coping and life skills.

Is a 30-day Program at an Alcohol Rehab Center Long Enough to Recover?

It’s difficult to answer the titled question. Success only comes when you can walk out of rehab and maintain recovery for a lifetime. In a lot of cases, 30 days is enough time for treatment to take hold and clients to be able to embrace their sobriety. Conversely, there are lots of clients who enter rehab with a significant addiction issue. For them, a 90-day program might be what it takes for them to have a chance at a full recovery. The best approach you can take to treatment is to enter rehab with a willingness to do everything possible for your recovery. If it can be done in 30 days, then yes, 30 days is enough time in treatment.

If it takes more time, it will be time that is well invested. After spending months or even years living in the cycle of addiction, 30 to 90 days in treatment is a small price to pay for sobriety. The reward for the time you would invest is a better life than the life you have been living as an addiction sufferer. Once you leave rehab, it’s incumbent on you to do whatever is needed to avoid relapses. After a relapse or two, you would soon discover that 30 days of rehab might not have been enough. That’s exactly why you need to make a full commitment to treatment the first time.

At the end of the day, you need to put your faith in the treatment professionals who would be guiding you towards recovery. They are the ones who need to decide what it’s going to take to make sure you get a chance at the happy life you deserve. Before you concern yourself with how long treatment is going to take, your first task is to seek help. If you give your addiction enough time, it will do significant damage to your life. A far better alternative is to reach out to us and let us give you the treatment you need. If you want to know more about the treatment process, please feel free to give us a call at 833-846-5669.