Can I Opt Out of Certain Treatments at Drug Treatment Centers in Florida?

When you go through an addiction recovery program at a Florida drug treatment center, there will probably be certain types of therapy that you don’t like for one reason or another. In most cases, you won’t be permitted to opt out of those types of therapy because your treatment program has been customized to meet your specific recovery needs. As a result, each type of therapy is designed to provide you with specific benefits that will aid in your recovery. You can always ask your counselors why you have been compelled to participate in a treatment that makes you feel uncomfortable or unsettled. Your counselor will welcome your questions because it provides an opportunity for you to learn more about what you should expect to get from that type of therapy. When you understand the purpose of each type of treatment, you’ll be better able to appreciate the necessity of it. Taking an interest in your recovery program will help you feel more in control of your sobriety, so this can also help you reinforce your commitment to healthier living.

One type of treatment or therapy that recovering addicts most want to opt out of is the required participation in support group meetings. They may feel uneasy about speaking in front of a group, or they may be reluctant to share their thoughts with a group of strangers. Whatever the reason, it’s common for recovering addicts to resist participation in the group until they actually experience the positive benefits it provides. Recovering addicts are often surprised by how welcoming and understanding the group is until they discover it’s designed to be a safe space for everyone. The other participants are there to offer their support and insight into your recovery experience, and you’ll have the same opportunity to help others. It will take very little time for you to get used to talking in this public setting and, before long, you won’t even think about your previous concerns. This will be a similar experience for any type of therapy you seem to initially dislike. Once you give it a try and discover its benefits, you’ll find that you’re more eager to continue participating in that type of treatment.

There Are Some Activities in a Florida Drug Treatment Center That Are Optional

There are certain types of therapy that are optional as long as you choose some type of therapeutic activity. This often involves therapies beyond those which you explore in one-on-one counseling sessions since they offer alternative ways for you to explore your memories, triggers, and emotions. The options available to recovering addicts often include holistic therapies, such a Reiki or yoga. Additionally, you may be able to participate in music therapy or art therapy. These therapies combine enjoyable activities with therapeutic benefits to help aid your recovery in multiple ways. When you choose one of these optional treatments, you can begin a hobby or practice that you can take with you after you complete your treatment program. For example, if you find that yoga gives you a sense of calm, you can continue practicing it in your own home.

There are other optional activities that you can begin in your drug rehab program, which can be continued as you return to normal society. One common example is the exercise regimen that many addicts begin while they go through a treatment program. While physical activity isn’t a type of treatment in the strictest terms, it does benefit the recovery process in multiple ways. It helps recovering addicts focus on healthier activities that promote physical and emotional wellness. Exercise also helps by serving as a diversion to addicts when they’re suffering from strong cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Since cravings typically last no more than seven minutes, a 10 minute workout is usually enough to overcome the urge to relapse. For most addicts, they end up exercising longer than 10 minutes because the rush of endorphins that boosts their mood encourages them to keep going. In addition to exercise, you can choose other activities during your free time. These activities may include reading, writing in a journal, doing puzzles, or learning a new skill.

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