How To Prepare Overall For Your Stay At A Boynton Beach Rehab

Mentally preparing for your stay at a Boynton Beach rehab can be overwhelming. Addiction goes hand-in-hand with pain and uncertainty and fear. If you\’ve never been to rehab before, or you\’ve relapsed after a previous stay in rehab, you may be unsure where to start. How do you get ready to check into rehab?

Sometimes it helps to focus on the practicalities. You\’ll need to have your ID, medical insurance card, some cash, and your credit or debit card. You\’ll also need to write down the contact information of everyone you want involved in your treatment process. You might also need your previous medical records.

Getting all of this in order will ensure a smooth intake process. It\’s likely that you have a lot of questions about your rehab\’s specific policies and treatment methods. Most treatment centers have counseling lines or admissions offices you can call to receive information. You\’ll also need to inform the center if you have any special dietary restrictions or medical needs before your intake.

Remember to make arrangements to have your pets fed and houseplants watered in your absence. You\’ll need to get in touch with anyone who needs to know about your absence — work, family members, close friends — to let them know you\’ll be gone.

Focus on whatever arrangements you need to make in order to keep your household running. Make sure you have your personal items in order, inform the rehab center about dietary restrictions or disabilities, and ask all of the questions you need answered.

This is a time for focusing on the practical. It\’s not until you\’re safely checked in that you should focus intensely on what your recovery means.


Rehab centers will generally provide your bedding and meals, but you\’ll bring your own clothes. You\’ll need to be sure your clothing adheres to any dress code specifications. You\’ll also need to be sure toiletries are unopened and contain no alcohol. Over-the-counter medications should also be sealed, and prescription medications should be brought in the original bottle.

You\’ll need to pack the following:

  • Personal ID and insurance cards
  • Small amount of cash
  • Debit/credit card
  • Non-addictive medications
  • Sealed, non-alcoholic toiletries
  • Seven days worth of clothing
  • Comfortable shoes

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