How To Know If Addiction Treatment Is Right For You

Knowing whether drug addiction treatment is right for you is a deeply personal matter. Perhaps you struggled with drug or alcohol dependency for a while and want to quit. You may have tried quitting on your own without success and want to get professional help. But you’re not quite sure if addiction treatment is right for you. Once you understand how drugs and alcohol keep their victims ‘hooked’, you may be able to decide if you are a good candidate for addiction treatment.

What is Addiction?

The abuse of substances, namely alcohol, prescription drugs, or “street” drugs, is the main cause of addiction or substance abuse disorder. Some commonly misused and abused prescription drugs are amphetamine, barbiturates and benzodiazepines. Recreational drugs include painkillers, cocaine and heroin.

These drugs are highly addictive and cause a person to compulsively seek them in spite of their harmful effects. They alter brain function and distort a person’s thinking and judgement to the point where they erroneously believe that substance abuse isn’t a problem.

Signs Addiction Treatment is Right for You

Your spouse, family, or friends may have encouraged you to seek treatment – but you rebelled. You cannot understand why you should quit using ‘something’ that makes you feel so ‘good’. When friends and family step in to stop addiction it is a compelling sign that you should seek treatment. Other signs include:

• Compulsively seeking and overusing drugs or alcohol
• Denying the addiction
• Lying or stealing to get the addictive substance
• Refilling prescription ahead of time or using drugs prescribed to others
• Displaying withdrawal symptoms e.g., irritability, hostility, nausea or mood swings
• Your health, career, relationships, and social life are adversely affected
• Wanting to quit but feel you don’t possess the willpower to do so on your own
• Experiencing relapse after you tried to break the addiction

Why You Should Seek Treatment at an Addiction Recovery Center

Addiction treatment centers offer short or long-term residential treatment, partial-hospitalization, and intensive outpatient recovery programs for substance abuse. These programs are usually intense and strategically structured to help you defeat addiction in a way self-treatment cannot.

It consists of a comprehensive approach to treating you physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. The all-inclusive treatment plan significantly reduces the chance of relapse compared to trying to beat addiction solo.

Seacrest Recovery Center

If you or your loved one are between the ages of 18-30, have been struggling with addiction, and have a desire to become clean, SRC is the place to begin your journey to sobriety. Our treatment center offers a unique, 3-Phase treatment plan aptly named, “Phase Back to Life” which is augmented by the 12 Step Recovery program.

Phase Back to Life is conducted by certified medical and psychological professionals who care for clients in a compassionate way. Treatment is tailored to suit each patient’s physical and mental health needs and is structured to help them gradually ease back into a life free from addiction.

You have the power to overcome addiction. All you have to do is call 833-846-5669 today.