Going to One of The Top Alcohol Rehab Centers in FL Without Breaking The Bank

Despite rumors you may have heard, going to a top Florida rehab center is not just a providence of the rich and famous. There are many resources that you can utilize to fund your treatment at a top Florida alcohol rehab center.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is the first resource that you should look into because they view addiction as a disease and typically cover some portion of addiction treatment. Most likely, they will cover the first thirty days or a percentage of treatment. Coverage varies by plan, so you should call your insurance company and speak to a representative about the specifics of your plan.

Treatment Scholarships

Many Florida rehabs and private organizations that work alongside Florida rehabs offer treatment scholarships based on income and severity of case.


You can consult an HR representative at your workplace about employee benefits for addiction treatment. Some employers provide funding for part or all of their employees’ addiction treatment.

Personal Finance

Though you may not want to put yourself in thousands of dollars in debt, your life is priceless. You can consider remortgaging, refinancing and /or using credits cards to pay for a Florida rehab.

Friends and Family

Asking friends or family to borrow money may feel like a shame to your name, but as Machiavelli said, “The ends justify the means.” If you are alive and living sober, the brief shame and temporary debt will be worth it. Chances are you have asked for money to fund your addiction, so this can be your opportunity to rectify your wrong by asking for funding for your recovery.

Having the Courage to Change

Since going to a top Florida rehab is a significant cost, you need to be sure that you have the courage to change. You could be spending a million dollars on a rehab, but if you do not have the genuine willingness to get into recovery, your time spent in rehab will be worthless. Rehab only works if you work it. Recovering from addiction is a struggle because your substance or compulsive behavior of choice has become your best friend, but that type of best friend is killing you. Being willing to recover from addiction is like going home when you have a cut on your knee and having your mother put iodine on it, despite knowing that it will hurt even more for a while before the permanent healing comes; it requires courage.

Seacrest Recovery is an outpatient rehab center that is located in Boynton Beach, Florida. They utilize a three-step model that decreases in intensity as you progress. You will start out in partial-hospitalization, progress to intensive-outpatient, and eventually outpatient. You have the option of living at the facility during partial-hospitalization and intensive-outpatient to add structure while being able to go to work, school, and out into the community. Their highly-trained staff is committed to helping you take your first step to creating a new life. Call them today at (800) 411-8019