Finding An Affordable Option For Going To Rehab Without Insurance?

Finding an affordable, quality option for addiction treatment is an even more difficult task when you do not have insurance. Being able to find and afford quality addiction treatment is a life and death issue. You have several options to help you afford quality rehab when you do not have insurance.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs are significantly cheaper than inpatient programs because they do not need the funding to provide their clients meals and living quarters. Partial-hospitalization and intensive-outpatient are two recent innovations in outpatient treatment. They meet frequently for long sessions to mimic the structure and intensity of inpatient programs as much as possible.

Treatment Scholarships

Many luxury addiction treatment centers and charities that are associated with them offer treatment scholarships based on the financial need and severity of case. You can go online or call the treatment center that you are interested in to see how you can apply for them.


You have several options to help you pay for treatment (e.g. Medicaid, charity, employer, personal finance, and borrowing from friends and family). Though you may be ashamed to seek assistance, you need to keep in mind that your life is on the line. Though you may be ashamed in the short-term, you will be alive in the long-term.

State-Funded Rehabs

Though state-funded programs are notorious for not being quality, there are few state-funded programs that are high quality. When looking for a quality state-funded rehab, you should look for a rehab that takes a holistic approach to treatment, had the clients travel to different buildings for therapy, and has experienced staff.

A High-Quality Outpatient Option

Seacrest Recovery Center is a high-quality outpatient rehab in Boynton Beach, Florida. Their philosophy is proving affordable, top-notch outpatient addiction treatment. They have a unique approach to addiction treatment called “Phase Back to Life”.

Phase Back to Life consists of all three types of outpatient programs:

• Partial-Hospitalization
• Intensive-Outpatient
• Outpatient

If you choose Seacrest Recovery Center, you will start out in partial-hospitalization, the most intense and structured program. After two weeks, you will progress down to intensive-outpatient, which consists of shorter, less frequent sessions and allows for more independence. After six to 10 weeks, you will progress to outpatient treatment, the least structured and intense. Outpatient treatment is like seeing a therapist two times a week for a brief group and individual session. You will have the option to live at the center for the first two phases while having the ability to go to work, school, and the rest of the outside world. If Seacrest Recovery Center sounds right for you, call them today 833-846-5669