Do Typical Drug Treatment Programs Include Detox?

For every person entering rehab, detox is the first step. Detox itself is the first stage of treatment; without it, you can’t understand the impact drugs have had on your mind and body. After completing detox, counselors and doctors have a better understanding of how to begin addressing the effects of addiction on both your physical and mental health. Medical detox is recommended for anyone who wants to go through treatment. To reduce the risks of life-threatening complications and make withdrawal easier, many rehabs offer detox services are part of their treatment model.

How Detox Works

During detox, your body will naturally “flush” any drugs from its system. This can be painful and cause health complications because addiction leads to a physical dependency, meaning your body requires the drug to feel normal and function properly. When you go through detox at a detox center or rehab, you will be surrounded by therapists and medical staff who are trained to handle the health conditions and impacts of addiction. The symptoms you experience as the body returns to a natural state all fall under a condition called withdrawal. Drug withdrawal symptoms vary among individuals and will be influenced by the severity of the addiction, underlying health conditions and the type of substance(s) in question.

Why You Need Detox

Detox centers and services are most useful in addictions that pose the risk of life-threatening reactions. Alcohol use disorder, opioid use disorder, and other “hard” drugs pose a greater risk of causing life-threatening health problems if someone attempts to detox on their own. Medical staff will routinely monitor and check on you during detox, and they can prescribe medications that will help lower your risk of complications and other side-effects of withdrawal. In a detox center, you will also have no access to drugs or alcohol despite the extreme urge to drink or use again, which prevents relapse and possible overdose.

Find a Rehab Near You Now

Ideally, you should choose a rehab that helps you detox and immediately start treatment. In some cases, you will be able to begin treatment while you are undergoing detox. The rehab you choose will help you make the best choice for you and your health. Contact us today at 833-846-5669 to learn more and get in touch with the best drug detox and addiction rehabs near you.