Who Should Care For Addicts After Treatment

Treatment of addiction is a process that does not end after an initial rehab exercise or detox. The process of therapy involves an array of supports and treatment options. You have to gain a long-term commitment towards living a drug-free lifestyle. Rehabilitation aftercare is paramount as part of the treatment continuum of addiction to achieve total recovery.

Addiction is a demanding, complicated and frustrating condition that requires intensive therapy to achieve recovery. Useful treatment options could help enhance your life following a struggle with addiction. However, multiple research studies show that rarely do people receive the required specialized assistance towards quitting substance abuse.

Usually, professionally supervised detox is the first treatment step you could embark on when starting the addiction treatment journey. You may require medical intervention as a form of detoxification depending on the abused substances. All kinds of detox protocols aim at achieving a comfortable and safe clearance of elements together with their toxic effects from the body in early recovery from addiction.

Even though detox is a quite useful initial step in addiction therapy, it is not usually adequate when used alone for long-term abstinence. You should, therefore, receive continued structured treatment after detox to achieve complete recovery in a residential or an outpatient setting. Continuing ongoing recovery efforts for your affected members is paramount. Besides, the addiction treatment programs should discharge their clients with a comprehensive discharge plan that links them to quality aftercare programs.


Our Aftercare Programs

Aftercare programs would involve all the follow-up or ongoing treatment options for addiction recovery that follows an initial rehabilitation program. The primary reason to continue treatment to substance abusers has its roots in the probability of brain damage following substance use. Some of the injuries do not just resolve on abstinence from the use of substances. The effects can last for long even after terminating the substance use.

We are an addiction treatment center that offers aftercare support to our clients. We aim to achieve the following through our aftercare programs:

  • To look for ways that could prevent relapse
  • To sustain the recovery from addiction
  • To help attain a life full of a sense of purpose and rewarding relationships

Our aftercare programs offer a comprehensive and individualized approach to your rehabilitation. For immediate assistance and more information regarding rehabilitation and aftercare assistance, do not hesitate to visit us at our facility at South Florida. Worried about your beloved one’s addiction? Call us (800) 411-8019