I Can’t Go To Inpatient Treatment for My Drug or Alcohol Problem. I Have Too Many Responsibilities

It’s not uncommon for people who are ready to conquer their addiction to be leery of inpatient treatment. Fear of the unknown, limited access to loved ones and a reluctance to surrender to unfamiliar surroundings can seem daunting. Addiction sufferers often initially reject the idea of inpatient rehab, justifying their unwillingness by saying that they have too many responsibilities to simply disappear for a while. On the contrary, people with an addiction need to seek inpatient care so they can focus solely on their recovery without triggers or stress that can easily lead to a relapse.

Our inpatient rehab center allows you to remove yourself from the situations that contribute to your addiction and “phase back into life.” We are with you every step of the way, and we provide personalized treatment plans for every individual. Every client’s journey to sobriety is different.

Get Prepared

It is true that people suffering from addiction have responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Before you leave for treatment, take the following steps to relieve some of the stress you have about temporarily leaving:

Talk to your boss about the situation and assure him or her that you plan to return to your place of employment

Make certain someone you trust can take care of tasks, such as retrieving mail, paying bills and caring for your home

Spend time with loved ones and take in their words of encouragement

Find out what you need to bring with you to rehab, and then pack only the essentials

Once you’ve taken care of your responsibilities, you’ll find our treatment center to be calming, comfortable and safe. You will be surrounded by people who understand you and want the best for you, so you’ll be able to speak more freely and have more extensive conversations than you might in an outpatient program. Further, clients will work closely with sponsors who get to know you on a personal level. Each phase of the inpatient program is designed to help clients transition to a normal life, confident in their ability to live a drug- or alcohol-free lifestyle.

We are here to help you live a sober, happy and healthy life. Call us today at 833-846-5669