Can South Florida Rehab Centers Take People from Other States?

Every year, thousands of individuals who are suffering from addiction head south to seek a new life for themselves. If you are struggling with addiction, you may be pondering if your salvation lies in the horizon of the Sunshine State. If you do not live in Florida, there is no reason to worry about being able to attend a South Florida rehab. South Florida rehab centers take people from all over world, let alone the country.

Recovering individuals’ attraction to South Florida has made the region the recovery capital of America. The tropical environment makes the Sunshine State the ideal healing environment. In the 1980’s, a new method to treating addiction would be developed in the state, which would later be called the world-renowned, proven-effective Florida Model.

How the Florida Model Works

The traditional model was the given method for treating addiction prior to the Florida model. It consisted of institutionalizing the clients in a hospital-like setting. The clients were placed on a rigid schedule that consisted mostly of monotonous talk therapy and meetings. The clients were not permitted to go outside or do most other activities. Many people were appalled of the idea of recovery due to the undesirable nature of addiction treatment.

The Florida Model was a game-changer for addiction, recovery, and recovering individuals. It consisted of:

• Clients living in clean, comfortable residential-style buildings.
• Rehab center being laid out on a campus-style complex, so the clients would be able to travel from building to building for treatment, allowing them plenty of time outdoors.
• Clients learning practical skills (e.g. cooking and cleaning) in conjunction with healing physically and psychologically.
• Experiential therapy (e.g. art therapy, music therapy, drama, nature, sports, animal-care, etc.) used in conjunction with traditional talk therapy and group meetings.

Research has always showed that the Florida Model was significantly more effective than the traditional model. The effectiveness of the Florida Model is due it taking a holistic approach to treatment and showing recovering individuals that life in recovery can be fun and happy.

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