Can I Go to Outpatient Treatment While Residing at a Sober Living Facility in Florida?

As you are seeking recovery for your drug or alcohol addiction, you\’ll likely start to learn about the different options for help. Attending a sober living facility is one option, and going to outpatient rehab is another. You may then wonder if going to both at the same time is a possibility, and you should consider some factors when making this decision:

  • Cost concerns
  • Reason for seeking extra treatment
  • Your treatment plan

When you getting help from a rehab center, you do have to take the cost into account. You need to remember that the cost is going to be more if you are attending two different types of treatment at once. In fact, you may discover that your insurance doesn\’t cover both and that you have to pay large amounts of money out of pocket. Instead of putting all of this money into two different types of treatment, consider focusing on one.

Reasons and Plans

You should also ask yourself why you are attempting to go to outpatient treatment while you\’re in a sober living facility. Maybe you feel that by having more treatment, you will recover more quickly. Still though, you need to remember that the quality of the treatment is more important than the quantity. If you are attending too many different types of programs, you might not focus as much as you should on the treatment. It\’s also possible that you feel as though you aren\’t receiving the treatment that you want at the sober living facility. Instead of seeking an additional treatment, consider simply asking if the services that you want are available.

Speaking with a counselor about your long-term plans is imperative when making this decision. In other words, going to an outpatient treatment program might be part of the plan. You should ask yourself if you are ready to essentially skip over some parts of the process. It may be better to continue going through at your current rate and getting to outpatient treatment when you get there.

Whether it may be possible to start going to outpatient treatment while you are residing at a sober living facility, you have to ask yourself if that move is the best one. Instead of jumping into this plan, speak with a counselor. You can call 833-846-5669 at any time to get a sense of what plan is best for you.

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