Can We Force Our Son or Daughter To Go To Rehab?

Watching your children suffer from an addiction to devastating. You likely yearn for the happy family you once had, and, more importantly, you want to see your children experience health and joy. Understanding whether or not you can force them to enroll in a rehab program allows you to see your options.

Upon recognizing that your children should enter a rehab program to receive assistance for their addiction, you will want to know how to ensure that they enroll in the program. Some people are resistant to treatment, and your kids may fall into that category. When considering forced treatment, you must take into account several factors, including the following:

  • the law
  • the treatment
  • the results

In Florida, the Marchman Act exists. This act does allow you to essentially force someone into treatment. However, you will need to prove that the person is in need of treatment. If you’re considering this option, consulting with both a lawyer and a professional at the treatment center can prove useful in knowing what evidence to procure for your specific situation.

The Rehab and The Results

As you’re putting plans into place for obtaining assistance, make sure to find out what type of treatment is available. During the process, you may question if forcing treatment is correct. When you have already consulted with a specialist to know the many positive opportunities that await in the rehab program, you can have a greater sense of confidence in your choice. Regardless of how strong you are, you will likely also have some fear about the outcome.
For example, you may envision your son or daughter harboring anger towards you because of this move. However, during their time in treatment, they are likely to realize that what you did was worth it. It’s possible that they will leave the facility still having some negative emotions about the situation. In that case, keep in mind that you made the right decision for them. Part of being a parent is making decisions that the kids don’t always like, and this role can continue even when your children are adults.

Forcing your son or daughter to go to rehab is a possibility. If reasoning with them and encouraging them hasn’t worked, you can look into the Marchman Act to assist your family.