Are There Places Where You Can Get Same-Day Help for Drug Addiction?

When you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol addiction, the best option is an inpatient rehab center. Unfortunately, with the millions of people who require treatment, these facilities fill up quickly and often leave many in need of their services out of luck. To make matters worse, emergencies can happen when it comes to drugs and alcohol. People can accidentally overdose or end up in dangerous situations while under the influence of their substance of choice. When that happens, waiting for a space to open up at a high-quality rehab facility isn’t an option. People often need help right away for their substance abuse problems, which means finding a facility that offers same-day help.

Less Common Than You Might Think

Drug and alcohol rehab centers that can admit a patient immediately are relatively rare. In most cases, you will have to wait until there is an opening in the program of your choice, which can take some time. On the other hand, we did mention that drug-related emergencies can happen. People need immediate assistance, so it is possible to find a rehab center that offers same-day help. As with finding treatment centers themselves, you will need to do some research and ask medical professionals you know such as your primary doctors for recommendations, but it is worth the search if you believe that you will need immediate assistance. These centers are often reserved for those who require 24-hour care, so they aren’t actually open to just everyone. Unless you cannot be trusted to be by yourself, you will most likely have to wait until something opens up in a care facility.

Visiting the Emergency Room

If you do have a drug-related medical emergency, the best way to receive life-saving treatment is to check in to the emergency room at a nearby hospital or call for an ambulance. You won’t be checked into a rehab center immediately, but you will receive the emergency treatment that you will need at the moment. It might not solve the problem of having to check into rehab right away, but it will ensure that you will live long enough to find a facility. Whether you need emergency treatment right now or you have an ongoing problem with drugs and alcohol, there will always be help available to you. Contact our treatment facility today at 833-846-5669 if you have any questions.