Are There Affordable Rehab Center Options if I\’ve Been Laid Off and Don\’t Have Insurance?

Addiction treatment is just like treatment for any other disease. It is essential to saving your life; therefore, you should not and will not be turned away because you cannot afford to it. There are affordable rehab options even if you have been laid off and do not have insurance. There are several affordable rehab options available to you:

Rehab Centers that Accept Medicaid

If you have been laid off of work and do not have insurance, you may qualify for Medicaid if your household income is low enough. Medicaid programs cover a period of time in their in-network rehabs. Contact your local social services to see if you qualify.

• Outpatient Options

Though they require more discipline because you are still on the outside world where your addictive substances or behaviors and relapse triggers are present, intensive-outpatient programs and partial-hospitalization programs may be affordable alternatives for inpatient programs.

• State-Funded Rehab Centers

Rehab centers that are state-funded are often significantly more affordable than their private counterparts. They may even be free to people who are below a certain income-level. State-funded rehab centers may have less amenities and resources, but there are many quality ones that you can find if you do your research.

• Rehab Centers that Offer Treatment Scholarships

Rehab centers often offer treatment scholarships or are in contact with organizations that give treatment scholarships.

Recovery Comes First

Being out of work is a stressful time because of the financial strain that it can have on you and your family. Though it may be tempting to find another job as soon as possible, recovery comes first. You will not be able to keep a job if you are in active addiction. Even though you may have been able to function at work in the past, addiction is progressive, so you most likely will no longer be able to keep a job in active addiction in the near future. Take advantage of your time out of work to be able to get better.

Regardless of what your profession is whether you are a janitor, teacher, or doctor, there is no reason to be ashamed about your addiction. Addiction does not discriminate. Do not allow the stigma to deter you from getting help. Truly courageous people are people who are humble enough to admit that that they have a problem and take the right steps to get help.

South Florida rehabs offer assistance to those who are in financial difficulty. Contact one to learn more at 833-846-5669.

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