Are Rehabilitation Centers in Florida Able to Treat People Older than 60?

They are few things that we can’t be certain about when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction. Unfortunately, there is one thing we know for sure, and it is not good news. Drug and alcohol addictions are equal opportunity diseases. They don’t care if they infect kids or adults, the young or the old, men or women, or any particular race.

People from all walks of life can fall prey to addiction if they ever get involved in any form of substance abuse. If you are a senior and over the age of 60, you have no immunity to the disease of addiction. As we made clear, your age is of little relevance. What does matter is that you have participated in some kind of substance abuse. If people your age or older do that, they are just as susceptible to the cycle of addiction as a man or woman who is 25 years old. While your age is not relevant to you becoming an addiction sufferer, your age is relevant in terms of the threat it poses to your health. You have to admit, you are probably not as healthy now as you were in your younger years. With that being the case, your body is subject to incurring more physical and even mental damage from your addictive behavior.

That is a big part of the concern we addiction treatment professionals have about the welfare of seniors who are addicts. Like everyone else who falls victim to addiction, you need to be thinking about getting help. At your age, the risk you are taking demands that you think about entering rehab before your health takes a drastic turn for the worse. As you contemplate getting treatment from a top Florida drug and alcohol treatment center like ours, you might be wondering if your choices are limited because of your age. We would like to address that concern in the next section.

Are Rehabilitation Centers in Florida Able to Treat People Older than 60?

The news is good. Most if not all Florida rehab centers that don’t specialize in treating certain groups of clients would likely accept you with open arms. Since the disease of addiction is an equal opportunity disease, it’s fair that many rehab centers would be equal opportunity service providers. While that is certainly the case, you might want to invest some time looking for a rehab that specializes in treating seniors. There are several reasons we make that suggestion. They include:

  • Having the opportunity to be around other clients with which you have more in common
  • The environment and amenities are more likely to be targeted towards seniors
  • The pace of treatment and therapy would be conducive to someone your age
  • To get the most from treatment, you need to be in a place where you feel comfortable

Things like this should be high on your list of reasons you would choose a particular rehab center. As far as the quality of treatment, you need not worry. Florida, particularly South Florida, is home to some of the best addiction treatment centers in the world. They have earned the moniker “rehab capital of the world” by providing the best care possible. You will get the same level of care as anyone else who might enter treatment. While under the care of addiction treatment professionals, don’t be surprised if a little extra attention goes your way simply because of your age.

There are additional risks that come with being an addiction sufferer at an advanced age. The job of every addiction treatment profession is to make sure all clients are safe and secure at all times with no regard for age. It’s good that you still have the drive to ask for help as a senior. There is no need for you to feel embarrassed about falling victim to drug or alcohol addiction under the premise you should know better at your age. The truth is all addictions are diseases that will attack anyone who has a vulnerable moment. We hope you know understand you can get the treatment you need from a top Florida rehab. In fact, we would like the opportunity to be your rehab facility of choice.

If you would grace us with your presence, we will help guide you to a healthy recovery. If you want more information about what we have to offer, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call us at 833-846-5669.