You are the Master of Your Fate; You are the Captain of Your Soul

Parents make a lot of tough choices. From property ownership and the communities and schools in which they will be raising their families to the athletics and interests and social engagements of their sons and daughters, it can often feel overwhelming for moms and dads to successfully juggle all of the responsibilities of parenthood. Yet, of all the synchronicities of parenthood, perhaps nothing feels more overwhelming than trying to help your child battle addiction. There are communication barriers, social implications, and just the plain fear of admitting that your child (or you if you are struggling) has an addiction. But even after coming to terms with the fact that you, as a team, need help, there always remained the question: How are we gonna pay for this?

For Every Family, an Answer

There is HOPE. So, so, so much hope! Not only do private insurance companies cover the costs associated with treating an adolescent or young adult struggling in the grips of an addiction, but new legislation passed, specifically, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a health care system law passed in 2010 that covers addiction treatment.

If you are addicted to drugs and alcohol, the ACA may be a way to help pay for it. According to the Addiction Centers of America, “Under the ACA, addiction is no longer considered a pre-existing condition for insurance purposes.” Essentially, that means that you or your child cannot be denied treatment as addiction is not categorized as a “pre-existing condition”, but is instead perceived as being the same as any other medical need. Some of the different types of supports put into place that are covered by insurance include:

  • Evaluations of Addiction
  • Medication to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms
  • Family and Individual Counseling
  • Clinics and Clinicians(*Inpatient and/or outpatient)
  • Home Visits and Home Healthcare
  • Follow-up Supports
  • And many more!

How Much does Treatment Cost?

Like any medical treatment, naturally, addiction treatment has associated costs, but just as there are many types of addiction, and many substances that your child, or you, may be struggling with, so are there many different types of programs! And it is up to you or your child to work together to find the treatment and facility that will promote the most success within them. For some families, an inpatient program is determined to be the most successful means of approach.

Some young adults struggling with addiction, however, prefer an outpatient programming to treat their condition, choosing to attend and participate in programming and treatment during the day, and then being afforded the opportunity to return home to their families, and primary support systems in the evenings as they successfully navigate their journey towards healthy living, with the ultimate goal being that of a life of sobriety; and a life of freedom where you or your child live, not in constant fear of what will happen next–withdrawal sickness, the potential for overdose–relapses or additional addictions–or the scariest of all–ultimate loss; but the freedom to communicate openly and honestly with your family; and the freedom to become whatever you dream of being!

Challenging the Stigma of Rehabilitation

To actualize this dream, it is absolutely essential that you and your family talk openly about your needs. We’ve all heard it before, “Oh, she’s in Rehab…” But why does seeking help stigmatize someone suffering from addiction or his or her family? Perhaps it’s this cultural, American need to save face–this obsession with social perfection–and perhaps the reasons surrounding the stigmatization aren’t even important. What is important is Y-O-U and your needs, and providing you and your family with the supports that you need, as an individual, to be successful! And that success depends upon a programming that works for you.

It’s up to you and your family to decide what will be the best fit, and no matter what your budget is, there is a center for you. Hope and healing are available to anyone and everyone if they are willing to reach out and use all the resources already in place just waiting to help. There is only one you, and you are the best you there is. Choose happiness. Choose yourself. Choose your family, and choose your journey towards rehabilitation. Call us at 833-846-5669.