Will South Florida Rehab Centers Help Me Deal Better with the Stress of Day-to-Day Life?

Have you been turning to drugs or alcohol to manage your stress? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Sadly, however, this is a tactic that only serves to increase stress, especially as drug and alcohol use spiral out of control. Once addiction rears its head, people are often dealing with professional, familial, and legal issues that are downright overwhelming. The good news is that South Florida rehab centers will give you the skills for both overcoming addiction and better dealing with the stress that day-to-day living entails. When people try quitting on their own, their primary focus is often to detox. At a professional rehab center, South Florida professionals will help you learn more about the underlying causes of your addiction. They will also equip you with coping skills that will set the stage for lifelong success in sobriety. They know that withdrawing from harmful substances is only one very small part of any successful recovery effort.

Why Stress Management Is So Important In South Florida Rehab

The daily stressors that people deal with when attempting to overcome addiction are commonly referred to as triggers. These are people, circumstances, challenges, or events that make addicts want to use, even when they’re trying their hardest to quit. When you enroll in a residential drug treatment program, you will be temporarily taken out of your stressful surroundings so that you can place your entire focus on getting better. During treatment, you will:

  • Work with group therapists
  • Talk about your problems with a counselor in a one-on-one setting
  • Receive assessments for co-occurring disorders
  • Participate in stress management workshops
  • Learn strategies for coping without using drugs or alcohol to change your mood

Many of the best residential or inpatient treatments last three months or longer. By the time that these programs end, patients are ready to deal with the challenges and stress of the real world without using illicit substances or alcohol. Moreover, they have a better understanding of how to choose healthy relationships, how to proactively mitigate their problems, and how to seek help when they are overwhelmed. One of the overarching goals of South Florida drug and alcohol treatment is to show people that they are never alone. Even post-treatment, there are always supporting systems and resources that people can use to address challenging circumstances without using. For those with co-occurring disorders, improved stress management can be achieved by treating underlying mental health disorders that may be at the very heart of their addictions.

For example, if you’re living with chronic anxiety or depression, bipolar disorder, personality disorder, or paranoia, getting proper medical treatment will allow you to feel and function normally without the aid of illicit drugs. Co-occurring disorders cause people to turn to illicit substances in an effort to treat themselves, whereas professional treatment provides healthy and sustainable solutions to mental health issues while additionally setting the stage for recovery. Drug treatment goes well beyond mere detoxification and withdrawal. To succeed, people must learn more about the causes of their addiction, and they must learn how to cope with the challenges of the real world without getting high. If you’re ready to take control of your life, we are always here to help. Contact us now at 833-846-5669.