Will Rehab Centers Tailor a Treatment Plan For My Individual Needs?

Seeking help for a drug or alcohol addiction is probably one of the scariest things you will ever do in your lifetime. Taking the first step to go to a rehab center can lead you down a path of recovery. However, it is important to know that not everyone’s treatment plan is the same. Rehab centers will tailor a treatment plan for your individual needs and situation. Treatment plans depend on many different contributing factors, including the kind of drug, the amount of drugs used, and how long you have been using.

Rehab centers focus on helping you get better and try to answer any questions you have regarding treatment. During the intake process, the rehab center will collect information from you to help begin developing your treatment plan. It is important to be as honest as possible, so the rehab center can develop the plan just for you and your needs. As your plan is being developed, you are given time to learn about your new environment and have any concerns addresses.

Ways to Individualize a Treatment Plan

Treatment plans are developed based on the addiction, life experiences, and other factors. Plans need to be created that will help address the reasons for the underlying addiction. Having a treatment plan that is just for you will allow you input into the process, so you get the most benefit from it. This will increase your chances of success and sobriety. Treatment plans begin with intake, then move from detoxification to rehabilitation and ongoing recovery. This process is necessary because after the physical addiction is addressed, there is a significant work to do to get the psychological addiction treated.

Treatment plans should include medication (if recommended), group therapy, individual therapy, case management, medical treatment (if needed), and trauma-based services. Every person is different, and every person deals with situations in a different way. What works for one person, may not work for another. The rehab center can help identify and address these needs through intensive measures. Not only will they get to know you, but they will help you get to know you. The treatment plan will incorporate services that you need now and that you will need in the future. These services include vocational, educational, housing, medical, legal, and family. Your addiction treatment plan will support the whole you, not just the addiction part of you. These things are all melded together, so they must be supported together.

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