Will My Loved One Get Emergency Care While in Alcohol Treatment?

It’s hard to think about your loved one being in alcohol rehab treatment. You’re glad they’re getting help, but you worry that they might get sick or have a medical emergency. You don’t need to worry, because alcohol treatment centers provide all the medical care that their clients need. When your loved one enters an alcohol rehab program, a complete medical exam is part of the initial assessment. This is necessary because many longtime alcoholics suffer from untreated illnesses that range from malnutrition to high blood pressure, liver damage, heart disease and pancreatitis. Doctors will determine whether your loved one needs medical intervention before being taken into treatment for alcoholism.

Will Florida Alcohol Treatment Centers Provide Emergency Care For a Loved One?

The medical, nursing and mental health professionals at alcohol treatment centers are well-versed in providing emergency care. Some alcoholics arrive at the rehab while still intoxicated. Others are suffering from alcohol-related disorders that need urgent attention. The treatment providers have experience in responding to these situations. Inpatient alcohol rehabs in Florida are staffed day and night by trained medical professionals. If your loved one has an illness or an emergency of any kind, they will receive immediate medical attention.

What Kind of Medical Treatment Will My Loved One Receive in a Florida Alcohol Treatment Center?

In addition to medical treatment and counseling, your loved one will benefit greatly from fresh air, healthy meals and regular sleep while they’re in inpatient alcohol treatment. If your loved one is taking part in outpatient treatment, they have access to doctors and other health professionals who specialize in treating illnesses associated with alcoholism. Alcoholics receive various medical treatments as part of their therapy while in alcohol treatment.

  • The treatment begins with medical detox, which allows the alcoholic to withdraw painlessly in a private room.
  • An alcoholic with a specific illness or condition will be regularly monitored for the condition. The good news is that many illnesses start to clear up once the alcoholic stops drinking.
  • Many alcoholics also suffer from mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. If necessary, your loved one will receive therapy for these problems.

Get Help for Your Loved One

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