Will Depression Recovery Centers Provide Medication, Therapy or Both?

When you or a loved one make the decision to check into a depression recovery center for treatment, you may have questions regarding the path the treatment will take. The decision to engage get treatment for depression is not one that is typically taken lightly and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. One of the primary queestions individuals have is will a depression recovery center provide medication, therapy or both? It is important to understand your options before embarking on such a life-changing journey.

What Will Treatment Entail?

You may be wondering, will treatment solely involve a medication regimen? Will talk therapy be involved? Or will treatment consist of a combination of both? While each case is individualized, the short answer is that most treatment for depression recovery will consist of a combination of both medication-assisted therapy, as well as one on one and group counseling services.

Why Are Combination Services Beneficial?

Combination services are beneficial in helping those who are depressed to tackle not only the physical component of their disorder (the chemical interaction between the brain and body) but also the mental portion which deals with the way an individual thinks about and responds to the world around them. Using both therapies in tandem gives the patient a holistic approach to their depression, prepares them for the future with real-world strategies and coping skills and increases their chances for a successful recovery.

Will I Have A Choice In My Treatment Options?

As stated before, each depression recovery treatment plan in individualized and tailored to the need and desire of the individual. You or your loved one will be an active participant in your treatment plan and you will be allowed to make choices on how you will proceed on your path to recovery. When engaging in depression recovery treatment, a licensed counselor will discuss with you your options, and you will determine if you need inpatient or outpatient care, as well as medication-assisted therapy, group and individual therapy or a combination of both.

Chronic depression is a difficult disorder. It can make those suffering from depression and the people they love feel out of control and helpless. But there are options available that can help put you or your loved one onto the path to recovery. Ready to discuss options or want to know more? We can help. Our caring and knowledgable counselors are available 24/7. Give us a call at 833-846-5669 today.