Will an Addiction Treatment Center Do Crisis Intervention?

Addiction treatment facilities offer a variety of services that acknowledge your unique needs so that a sustainable, long-term recovery is feasible. However, even if you or someone you love are making significant progress by adhering to a specific plan of treatment, a certain traumatic life event can trigger stress responses that cause a major setback. Thankfully, many facilities offer swift crisis intervention services that stabilize the patient and prepare you for the future.

Crisis Intervention: What is a Crisis?

Sudden tragic situations, such as a death of a family member or close friend, can be particularly debilitating to you if you’re undergoing addiction treatment or have been recently released. These events are crisis situations that evoke fear, stress, and confusion in many of us.

What Happens After a Crisis?

At the point in time that a crisis has occurred, you’re far more susceptible to relapse. If the crisis occurs during or shortly after a addiction treatment, the process of rebuilding your self-confidence has begun. It’s likely that you’re already anxious about your new life and the responsibility of living dependency-free.

New Mindset, Old Habits:

Although your sense of purpose is likely more well-defined than ever at this point, the challenge lies in the body’s ability to weather forms of extreme stress without slipping back into the clutches of addiction. This powerful response to a crisis can be expressed in the following ways:

• Extreme hostility
• Anxiety, depression, and overall trouble functioning
• Substance abuse
• Suicidal behaviors

The Necessity of Intervention:

Thankfully, a solid addiction treatment center will offer crisis intervention services to patients so that a swift, effective treatment program can be followed. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a treatment facility that offers on-site crisis intervention service so that treatment can begin right away.

If you experience this powerful response to a crisis, it’t crucial for you to reconnect with trained professionals so that you might work together to create a more solid recovery plan as soon as possible. When it comes to crisis intervention, indeed, time is of the essence.

A Final Word: When a crisis has occurred and the response is unhealthy and impulsive, don’t decide to “wait it out” for better, brighter day. Tomorrow could be too late, so get the help you need right now. Simply pick up your phone and give us a call right now at 833-846-5669. We’re ready to help you reclaim your live and break those shackles of addiction.