When is an IOP Rehab Program Better Than an Inpatient Rehab Program?

An intensive outpatient or IOP rehab program is designed to combine the intensity of a residential inpatient program with the freedom of an outpatient program. Patients are expected to attend therapy sessions in three-to-four hour blocks four to five days a week while they services such as case management, behavioral therapy sessions, life skills training, educational opportunities, and crisis management. Even though it is every bit as intense as many residential inpatient programs, an IOP is still an outpatient program, which means the patient gets to go home every night.

Whether or not an IOP program is “better” than an inpatient program will depend on the patient and their individual needs. As with any treatment option, IOP programs will be very beneficial for some patients and not work at all for others.

Generally speaking, IOP programs are best for patients who function better when they can be in their own homes and be surrounded by their loved ones. These patients all but thrive on the freedom that inpatient programs often lack, yet they have the kind of substance abuse problems that require intense treatment. IOP essentially gives these patients the best of two worlds: they receive the professional medical treatment that they need and are held accountable for their actions, yet they also have the regular support of their loved ones at the end of the day.

IOP may also be better for patients who need to maintain a presence at work or in school. Even though most good employers will allow an employee time off to undergo addiction treatment, it’s still hard for the patient to miss that much work. As for school, staying at a treatment center for approximately 30 days makes completing one’s classes incredibly difficult. With an IOP program, a student doesn’t have to be subjected to that kind of stress.

To sum all of this up, IOP programs are indeed better for some people than inpatient programs, but they aren’t for everybody. Some people will have problems staying free of drugs and alcohol whenever they are outside of a treatment facility, and they will need inpatient rehab. To learn more about which option might be best for you, speak to your doctor and contact our center for more information at 833-846-5669 . Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide if IOP treatment is right for you.