What’s the Best Florida Rehab if I Have a Psychotic Disorder That Also Needs Treating?

If you have a known mental disorder in addition to a substance abuse disorder, it’s vital that you find a Florida rehab that treats both disorders. What you’re looking for if you have a psychotic disorder is called a dual diagnosis rehab center. In these centers, you don’t just get treatment for a substance abuse disorder. You get treatment for your psychotic disorder alongside the addiction.

Science has uncovered some very eye-opening facts about addiction in recent years. Chief among the revelations was that about half of people who suffer from addictions also suffer from mental disorders, such as psychotic disorders. Since professionals have recognized the strong link between substance abuse and mental illness, they’ve been especially vigilant in treating both disorders at once so that a full recovery can take place both from addiction and from mental health symptoms. Thousands of addicts need dual diagnosis treatment each year, and it’s only natural that some of the best rehabs for people with dual diagnosis symptoms are in Florida. It’s an area that’s well-known for its helpful rehabs.

What is a Psychotic Disorder?

Psychotic disorders cause abnormal thinking and perceptions. The most widely recognized of all psychotic disorders is schizophrenia, but it’s not the only psychotic disorder out there. It’s just the most widely known. You’ll find a host of other psychotic disorders:

  • Paraphrenia
  • Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Delusional Disorder

Another type of disorder is called substance-induced psychotic disorder, and it’s here that your treatment center will play a pivotal role in distinguishing your psychotic disorder as being from a genetic or biological cause or if your symptoms came about because of the addiction itself. There are instances every year when someone who is suffering from substance induced psychotic disorder are misdiagnosed with a similar psychotic disorder. This can be a dangerous thing because once you’re sober, you may find yourself medicated for something that you don’t even have in sobriety. Your treatment center will treat any existing psychotic disorder that you have, but they’ll also monitor you in sobriety and change medications as needed if you feel like what you’re on isn’t helping.

If you have a psychotic disorder or other dual diagnosis issue to discuss, please contact our counselors. They’re available 24 hours a day and always ready to lend a helping hand to people who want help. When you’re ready, just call 833-846-5669.