What Will I Be Allowed to Wear at Boynton Beach Rehab?

Preparing for a stay at a Boynton Beach rehab may seem somewhat overwhelming at first. Not only are you about to fight your addiction, but you’re also heading to a place that you may never have been before. You’re excited to begin your journey, but you are also nervous to check into rehab. That’s understandable.

Not only are there dozens of rules to follow while you are in rehab, but you will also have to adhere to a dress code. Are you asking yourself, what will I be allowed to wear at a Boynton Beach Rehab? For the answer and to learn more about what to expect, read on.

Knowing How to Pack for Rehab

Before you begin packing, find out as much as you can about what the rehab allows. Most will have a strict dress code you must follow, so make sure you are aware of it beforehand. Once you sign up for rehab, the center will typically provide you with a list of what to bring and what not to bring, including clothing. You may also look on their website to find an approved list of clothes. If all else fails, call and talk to the admissions office before you begin packing.

While Boynton Beach is generally a very warm climate, you will want to make sure you are prepared for everything. However, you don’t want to overpack. The space you will be given to unpack your clothes may be limited. You may be able to find out in advance how much room you will have. Ask if there is a closet and how many dresser drawers you will be given access to.

As a general rule of thumb, pack about a week’s worth of clothes when you go to rehab. You’ll likely have access to laundry facilities, so pack items that are easy to wash. Don’t pack expensive clothes or clothes that need to be dry cleaned.

What to Pack for Rehab

Your clothes should be appropriate for the weather, but packing layering options is also a good idea. You never know if you will be hot or cold. Include the following:

T-shirts- Comfortable t-shirts are a must. Make sure there are no offensive slogans on them, however. This includes references to violence, drugs, or alcohol.

Pants or leggings- Bring comfortable leggings or jeans.

Shorts- Check to see if your shorts must be a certain length.

Undergarments- Pack enough socks, underwear, and bras for one week or more.

Shoes- Comfortable shoes are good for everyday wear. You’ll want to bring flip-flops or open-toed sandals for the shower.

Nightwear- Pack a pair or two of pajamas, or whatever you sleep in at night.

Slippers- pack slippers to keep your feet warm and a bathrobe in case you have a late-night visitor to your room.

Dressy outfits- Pack a couple of dressier outfits for any special occasions the rehab may hold, such as a Family Therapy Night.

Bathing suit- You may have access to a pool or even the ocean, so pack a one-piece if you are a woman or a pair of trunks if you are a man.

Jackets- If you get cold easily, pack a light jacket or sweater.

Accessories- Bring along a hat and a belt if you wear them.

Remember, a week’s worth of clothing is a good starting point for rehab. However, you may wish to pack more if you are staying for more than a month. Again, how much you can pack will depend on how much space you have in your room. Find out beforehand. You don’t want to overpack and have clothing all over the place.

What Else Should I Bring?

You’ll be responsible for your belongings while you are in rehab, so never bring along anything too valuable. Each rehab will give you an approved list before you go. Along with clothes, bring your wallet, ID, debit or credit cards, some cash, insurance cards, a list of people who will be involved in your treatment, and pictures of your family. If you take prescription medication, it must be in the original bottle.

Toiletries will also be your responsibility to bring. What you pack will depend on what you use, but you can generally bring the following: shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, soap, makeup, hair styling products, contact case and saline, shaving cream, and sunscreen. Check with the rehab to find out what kind of razor you are allowed for shaving purposes. Most mouthwashes are prohibited because they contain alcohol.

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