What To Look For In A South Florida Drug Rehab Facility?

The decision to enter rehab is an honorable one. The individual in question admits to their addiction, realizes the issue has become problematic, and is taking the initiative to address said malady.

That said, choosing the right facility is often crucial to the undertaking\’s success. Therefore, this decision should be rendered only after thorough and deliberate considerations of several pertinent factors.

Determining The Type Of Facility

Before considering the attributes of specific institutions, the recovering addict must determine what type of facility to enter.

Some patients might need inpatient services. Such facilities operate programs where healing subjects spend extended durations receiving treatment onsite. Other recipients may benefit from outpatient treatment programs, which offer various therapeutic efforts but do not require the patient to remain on campus.

Several considerations will play into this decision, including:

  • The patient\’s general health
  • The specific drug they were dependent upon
  • Their addiction\’s severity
  • Their mental and emotional health

It is important to remember that every person\’s circumstances are unique and numerous other personal issues might play into their choice of facilities.

Positive Attributes Rehab Facilities Should Possess

Once the intended recipient\’s needs have been determined, said individual and their loved ones are emboldened to investigate specific facilities more closely and are urged to enroll in one possessing attributes, such as:


Many facilities treat addictions to various drugs. However, some individuals may benefit from establishments that specialize. For example, certain institutions might only serve those with alcohol or opiate dependencies. Such facilities can be particularly fruitful for those with especially harsh addictions or who have suffered prior relapses.


Typically, highly-regarded rehab clinics will treat every patient individually. It is important to realize that each recovering addict possesses their own unique personality and set of circumstances. Successful treatment often hinges on a facility\’s capacity to tailor programs most befitting of the individual healing soul\’s needs and desires.

Detox Capabilities

Optimal establishments will possess the ability to execute the all important detox process onsite. Detox is the process by which the substance the addict was dependent upon is safely and gradually withdrawn from their system. Said facilities are especially helpful for those with severe addictions or who would be uncomfortable undergoing this procedure in the hospital.

Knowledge That Substance Abuse Impacts The Brain Long-Term

The most optimal treatment providers realize that treatment is not meant to be a quick fix solution. Chronic drug use has a tendency to alter brain function and behavior. Entities aware of this critical fact create programs geared towards helping recovering addicts address and adequately cope with these eventualities.

A Reputable Success Rates

A number of establishments do not keep track of success rates. Doing so requires maintaining meticulous records and performing extensive, time-consuming research. Moreover, there is a certain degree of debate regarding what factors and statistics should be used to calculate such equations.

That said, entities claiming to hold higher success rates have likely performed the research needed to confirm calculated percentages and should not merely be overlooked or shrugged off.

Family Inclusion

A recovering addict often relies on the support of their family or other close associations before, during, and especially following their stint in rehab. Therefore, reputable, professional clinics will incorporate family into the process and treat said subjects as valuable assets.

It is easy to take the addict\’s family for granted. However, true recovery professionals understand that such persons are paramount to their loves one\’s well-being as they transition back into civilian life.

Vocational Programs

Conquering one\’s addiction is a major accomplishment. However, said goal is merely the first step in returning to a normal existence. Some improving subjects might have been employed in a specific profession prior to their addiction and emerge from treatment with the ability to return to such work.

That said, not all recovering addicts are that fortunate. Optimal rehab entities will place emphasis on ensuring those lacking professional skills receive training needed to help them land work upon completion of their program.

Emphasis On Achieving Optimal Health

The cessation of drug ingestion is a major step towards achieving improved health. That said, heightened well-being is also heavily reliant on:

  • The consumption of a nutritious diet
  • Remaining properly hydrated
  • Engaging in adequate levels of physical activity
  • Obtaining enough sleep
  • Receiving professional medical evaluations

Again, everyone is different and others might need to partake in other health-boosting actions.

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Researchers have found that an appreciable percentage of those enrolling in rehab programs not only overcome their dependencies but reestablish good relations with family and other important associations, find productive careers, and become honorable and contributing members of society.

Our southern Florida-based clinic has helped many former addicts achieve such goals and is confident we can produce similar results for many others. Please contact us at 833-846-5669.

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