What Therapy Services Are Available at a Delray Beach Halfway House?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, help is available. Inpatient and outpatient facilities may be the best choice for some individuals, however, one treatment type is not effective for all. For some, a halfway house may provide the stability and support necessary to help individuals step down from a higher level of support into a community based supportive environment. This treatment setting allows for individuals to transition back into the community with more support prior to returning home and to their daily lives. It can be a difficult time in treatment for individuals to adjust back into their normal routines, and often environments that contributed to their drug or alcohol use. In a Delray Beach halfway house, located in Florida, there are many halfway houses that provide a variety of treatments that can support continued recovery. Therapeutic activities can include individual, family and group therapy, along with the use of support groups.

Individual therapy includes individual counseling with a licensed clinician, trained to understand the complexity of substance abuse, along with knowledge about trauma, mental illness and other concerns that also impact many using substances. This personalized focus is important to facilitate recovery by understanding what factors may have played a role in the development of the substance use. Useful for developing a plan to remain sober after treatment. There are many types of therapy that has shown to be a beneficial treatment for substance abuse and may be used in an individual family session including:

• Cognitive Behavioral therapy (CBT)
• Dialectic Behavioral Therapy
• Motivational Interviewing

Family therapy can also be important to help repair damage in relationships that has likely been caused by the substance use. Families can learn skills to help facilitate a healthier life, while also being educated on substance abuse, preparing them to better manage life after treatment. Drug or alcohol use impacts that entire family, and treatment and recovery should include these individuals, as well. Family therapy can include couples, children, and others that the individual may include tin their family group.

Therapy that is provided in groups is offered in Delray Beach halfway houses, as well. Research on addiction treatment suggests that the support and camaraderie that is developed during peer groups, with those who have faced similar struggles, is important to recovery. Accepting new perspectives from people who have faced similar circumstances can be beneficial. This shared bond often allows for openness in sharing struggles, assistance with problem solving, and willingness with accepting responsibility with their roles in their substance use issues.

Although addiction to drug and alcohol is a complex problem, treatment is available to help you or someone you love to overcome this. Halfway houses provide a supportive environment during the transition home that uses individual, family and group therapy to build relationships, develop the skills necessary to cope with stressors without returning to substance use, and overcome addiction to substances. These interventions have shown to be useful in helping individuals overcome addiction. Please reach out for help today by calling 833-846-5669.