What Services Can You Get at an Outpatient Treatment Center?

Outpatient treatment may be more convenient for certain individuals who would like to receive treatment and live in their home during the process. Outpatient programs differ on the length of time commitment. These types of programs can last in duration between several hours a week up to a couple of hours daily. Typically, outpatient treatment occurs in both group and individual therapy sessions. Outpatient programs also provide medical treatment and may prescribe medications on a case by case basis. Many individuals who attend outpatient treatment for addiction or substance abuse have less severe addictions, a strong support system, a lower risk for withdrawal, and transportation that is reliable for them to commute to the outpatient center.

Outpatient Treatment: How Does it Differ From Inpatient Treatment

In general, outpatient treatment is a conglomeration of programs that a patient visits in a treatment center. Within the treatment center, patients will visit with a counselor or therapist on predetermined days during the week. The most significant difference between outpatient and inpatient programs is the 24-hour care that inpatient programs provide. Inpatient programs also include supervision, housing, and 24-hour access to medical care. Further, inpatient programs are much more expensive than outpatient programs, due to the intensive care that is delivered 24 hours a day. Outpatient programs are less costly as they do not provide housing or 24 hours round the clock care.

What Does Outpatient Treatment Entail?

Outpatient programs may take place in a multitude of settings. These settings include hospitals, community mental health clinics, inpatient or residential rehab programs, and therapist’s offices. The majority of outpatient programs include individual and/or group counseling. Outpatient programs also offer the following programs and activities:

  • Education regarding substance use and abuse and the way in which it affects your life.
  • Training in developing skills regarding socializing, communication, employment, anger management, financial responsibility, hobbies, and setting goals.
  • Attending groups including Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)
  • Training for relapse prevention and maintaining sobriety.

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