What Qualifications Do Good Treatment Centers in West Palm Beach Need to Meet?

When you\’re ready to get the addiction help you need at a West Palm Beach treatment center, it\’s important to research each facility. While there are plenty of legitimate facilities, there are also those that may be operating under the radar. You should verify the credentials for each facility to ensure they have the background, resources, and professional staff to offer the help you need. To begin, you should verify that the facility has the proper accreditation and licenses. Every facility should either have been accredited by The Joint Commission or the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF®). Each of these organizations independently evaluates treatment centers to verify their quality of care and rate of success. They do this by comparing national performance standards to the quality of care and results the facility offers. The cost of treatment also plays a role in this determination by weighing the fee for treatment against the treatment options the facility offers. You should be able to review any facility\’s accreditation certificate to verify that it\’s valid for the current year.

Additionally, any treatment center you consider should have a license granted by the state of Florida. This is a basic requirement, and any treatment center that\’s accepting new patients should be fully licensed. Even a facility\’s ability to advertise their services are restricted, requiring them to apply for certification from an independent company called LegitScript before they can market their treatment services online. While this may seem like bureaucratic red tape, it all serves a very specific purpose. By requiring treatment centers to apply for multiple types of certifications and licenses, those in need of addiction treatment are better protected. These processes help to weed out the illegitimate treatment centers that may just be a front for money scam, or may not provide effective treatment programs. The average person doesn\’t understand the complexities of treatment from a caregiver\’s perspective, so it\’s important to use laws and regulations to safeguard prospective patients. Without these requirements in place, individuals may go through ineffective treatment options and end up facing their addiction problem all over again.

What Should a Good West Palm Beach Treatment Center Provide?

Beyond the qualifications previously mentioned, every treatment center will offer different services. It will be up to you to reach the services offered by each facility to determine which ones will provide the services that are best suited to help you. For example, you will need to be clean before you start a rehab program, so it may be helpful to find treatment centers that offer detox programs in addition to rehab. A treatment center that offers both services is best in that you can move to rehab as soon as you complete the detox program. This eliminates the need to leave one facility and go through the intake process at a separate facility. By eliminating that step, you reduce the opportunities you have for a relapse, and you can jump right into your rehab treatment program.

Additionally, there are various types of treatment that you\’ll go through in one on one and group counseling sessions. Usually, a facility will offer either faith-based treatment, or science-based therapy that focuses on emotional health. Some treatment centers offer both types of treatment, allowing the recovering addict to choose which method makes them feel more comfortable. As you go through the intake process, you\’ll undergo a physical and mental evaluation to isolate any medical conditions you may be experiencing in addition to your addiction problem. For example, if you\’re diagnosed with anxiety or depression, you may be able to undergo psychological therapy in addition to substance abuse treatment. This ensures both conditions are treated at the same time. Treatment centers throughout West Palm Beach have found that recovering addicts who aren’t treated for co-occurring conditions, such as eating disorders or depression, are much more likely to relapse. This is because the emotional health problem can compel a recovering addict to self-medicate to treat the symptoms of their emotional problem. However, when the recovering addict has learned healthy ways of coping with their co-occurring condition, they\’re less likely to turn to illegal drugs or alcohol to solve the problem.

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