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What Kinds of People Live in a Sober Living for Aftercare Recovery Following Rehab?

While inpatient treatment for addiction is a critical step in the recovery process, it is also only one step on a very long journey. Inpatient rehab helps to break individuals struggling with addiction out of the habits, patterns, and routines that often foster and facilitate their addiction. Once these habits and patterns have been broken, however, new habits and patterns need to be formed in their place or individuals struggling with addiction will often go right back to them.

This is where a sober living house for aftercare recovery following rehab can help. When individuals undergo inpatient treatment in a rehab facility, their lives are strictly monitored. Their access to guests is severely limited and they are often encouraged to remain somewhat sheltered during their stay in order to focus on their own recovery. In many cases, individuals struggling with addiction have messy, tumultuous relationships, which are often the cause of them seeking treatment in the first place. They can’t focus on getting that treatment, however, if they are constantly being pulled back into the chaos and drama of their outside relationships. Rehab offers shelter from that among other things, but eventually, those relationships need to be faced and dealt with.

Sober Living Offers A Safer Transition Between Rehab And “Normal” Life

Rehab generally only lasts a few weeks and is just one of the first steps on a very long journey. Rehab can help individuals struggling with addiction develop new tools to help them succeed, but they still need to learn to actually apply them. This is where sober living houses can help. Sober living houses offer a type of mid-point between the rigorous structure of a rehab facility and total independence. Once individuals leave rehab, they are free to return to their normal lives.

Not only do those “normal” lives include certain routines, habits, and patterns that foster and facilitate their addictive behaviors, however, they also include the tumultuous and messy relationships that often contribute to addiction as well. Without continued structured support, individuals struggling with addiction are likely to simply return to what they know once they leave rehab. Sober living houses help them re-engage with their lives and relationships while still receiving support to develop new, healthier habits, patterns and behaviors. If you or someone you love is struggling with an addiction, give us a call today at 833-846-5669. We can help you find a treatment that works.