What is the Success Rate of a Rehab in Florida?

Many residents of Florida struggle with substance use disorder and ultimately seek help with rehab treatment. If you are in the state and have recently realized that you have an addiction problem, you will want to find the best rehab facility for your needs. It’s fair to wonder about the success rate of rehabs in Florida.

When you seek help in the form of drug or alcohol rehab, it’s the first big step toward getting your old life back. Of course, there are a number of components that go into ensuring that your rehab treatment is a success.You will have to find the right rehab treatment facility that offers the right program to help you regain your sobriety. It should offer personalized treatment for your addiction as well as any co-occurring mental health conditions as many people seeking rehab have dual diagnosis. The facility you enter should also have a good plan for your aftercare to ensure that you succeed in the long term once you have completed your treatment.

How Successful are Florida Rehabs?

The success rates for inpatient rehab treatment, in particular, is very high in Florida. On average, the success rates are higher within the state than in any other state throughout the country. A big reason for that is that there is a huge focus on aftercare following inpatient rehab treatment. When a person has the right aftercare plan, it can help their long-term success after they have become clean and sober.

Often, the aftercare plan includes various therapy options to keep you continuing on the right path. You might choose to have outpatient therapy sessions or enter a sober living house to ensure that your newfound sobriety is successful. In either situation, you have a good amount of support and services to turn to while you look forward to resuming your regular daily life.

Once you have found the right program to suit your personal needs, you’re on the right track toward recovery. Florida has around a 70% success rate in terms of the number of people who enter rehab for drug or alcohol treatment.

Should You Attend Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab?

Although inpatient rehab is usually the most successful for most people who attend drug or alcohol treatment in Florida, that doesn’t mean you won’t be successful if you go with outpatient rehab. Depending on your situation, including the substance you have abused, the amount of it you’ve abused and the length of time of your addiction, you might be better suited for inpatient versus outpatient or vice versa. However, it’s important to know how these two rehab treatment options compare.

Inpatient rehab treatment requires you to stay in a facility on a 24/7 basis where you receive continuous support when you need it. Because you have to stay there, you’ll have to make arrangements ahead of time regarding your job, family members and pets.

Detox is the first part of your treatment. It eliminates all the drugs or alcohol from your system and sometimes involves the use of medication to help ease withdrawal symptoms. You get constant access to medical professionals who can monitor your symptoms and assist you whenever necessary.

You’ll have access to therapy sessions that can help you get a better perspective on your substance use disorder and why you turned to drugs or alcohol.

With outpatient rehab treatment, you come to the facility for several hours per day but return home to your family at night. You can keep working and care for your family. You have access to a wide array of therapy options and learn how to respond to certain triggers to prevent a relapse. Individuals with shorter-term, milder addictions often choose outpatient treatment.

How to Know Your Rehab was Successful

You can tell whether your rehab was successful. If you feel better, have an improved mood and more energy, it’s a sign that your treatment has helped and was a success. Your relationships might also be better and your personality is stronger. You will find that your performance at work or school is much better.

If you don’t suffer a relapse, that might be the biggest indication that your rehab was successful. However, relapsing is normal after treatment, but if you do relapse and go a long period between, it means your rehab was successful as you continue learning how to manage your stress and avoid triggers that can get you using again.

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