What Is Considered an Affordable Out of Pocket Price After Insurance When You Go To Rehab?

You are a victim of substance abuse. You thought you could control it, but it is controlling you. It’s stealing your peace of mind, consuming you with irresistible cravings. Your performance at work is going downhill. Your relationships with the people who matter most in life are failing. Rehab is the only way out that you can see, but you’re worried. Can you afford it? You have insurance, but how much will you have to pay to get the treatment you need?

Your Costs Will Depend on Your Insurance Plan

Regardless of what type of health insurance plan you have, it should offer some coverage for rehab. Every policy is unique. You may have co-pays that could range in cost from ten percent to fifty percent of your total expenses for rehab. You may have to pay for a deductible while the rest of your treatment is completely covered. In some cases, you may have no costs at all when you seek treatment. The best way to learn about your out of pocket expenses is to contact your insurance company representative. Your insurance provider will be able to review the details about your coverage so you will know what to expect as you seek treatment.

The Cost of Addiction is Much Higher than the Cost of Substance Abuse

The thought of any expenses may be daunting when you are thinking about entering rehab. No matter what you pay, it will be worth it in the end. Addiction can rob you of your job, precious moments with your loved ones, and your life. A rehab center can be your lifesaver. It can turn your life around, sending you in the right direction. Choose rehab and you choose to have a future.

We’ll Help You to Navigate the Expenses of Rehab

We know how overwhelming addiction and the recovery process can be. You are sure to have so many questions. We are here to give you answers. Call our counselors at 833-846-5669. We’ll discuss your options, your insurance, and anticipated expenses. Don’t let your worry about the cost of your treatment stop you from getting treatment. Rehab can help you to steer your way clear of addiction. It’s time to begin a new chapter in your life, one that is filled with hope for the future. Call us now to take the first step toward sobriety.