What Is an Average Day Like in Sober Living in Delray?

Overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs is not always easy, especially if you are struggling to find the support you need throughout the process. If you are in need of additional assistance with remaining alcohol and drug-free, consider a sober living solution in Delray. Once you are familiar with what an average day is like with a sober living home in Delray, seeking out the appropriate facility for you will become much easier. Sober living homes and resources are primarily designed to help individuals transition into a life that is free from drugs and alcohol. A sober living home is created with individuals who struggle with addiction, impulsivity, and bad habits in mind. If you are seeking additional support and more resources while working towards a path and life of sobriety, consider a sober living solution that is optimal for you.

Sober Living Home Enrivornments

Sober living homes and facilities provide a zero-tolerance environment for any individual who is seeking long-term care and solutions. All sober living homes provide rules and regulations for each individual who is interested in staying in the home. Most sober living home environments enact similar rules, such as:

  • Zero-Tolerance: Zero-tolerance rules are extremely common in most rehabilitation centers, facilities, and even sober living homes. Zero-tolerance rules prohibit the ownership, consumption, or use of any substance such as alcohol, tobacco, or illicit street drugs while on the property and while in the process of completing a sober living program. A zero-tolerance environment is extremely beneficial for individuals who struggle with temptations or peer pressure outside of their rehabilitation programs or sober living homes.
  • AA Meetings: Many sober living homes and facilities in Delray require individuals to complete an AA 12-step program while living in the sober home itself. While the program may differ from traditional or standard AA or 12-step programs, there is often a program that is included with each sober living home.
  • No Gambling: Gambling or betting of any kind is not permitted in sober living homes and facilities in the Delray area.
  • Profanity: The use of profanities and foul language may be banned or limited depending on the sober living home you choose. One of the main goals of most sober living homes available is to provide a safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment for individuals from all walks of life, which is why it is important to consider your own behavior while completing a sober living program.
  • Curfews: Many sober living homes and facilities in Delray require individuals to abide by a set curfew that is in place. All individuals must return to their rooms or designated spaces by the set curfew in place in order to prevent risky behaviors or potential slip-ups.

What is an Average Day Like with Sober Living Communities in Delray?

A sober living solution typically provides individuals with plenty of freedoms, including the ability to obtain a job while maintaining everyday responsibilities and chores independently. Living in a sober living community is simply optimal for anyone who struggles with giving in to temptation or has had numerous experiences with relapsing in the past. Attending an AA group meeting or a sponsorship program is highly recommended for anyone who is involved in a sober living facility or community.

Is Sober Living in Delray Right for Me?

Determining whether or not a sober living solution is right for you greatly depends on your history as well as your own personality and tendencies. If you find it difficult to steer clear from drugs and alcohol when you are not being supervised or monitored, a sober living community may be right for you. If you are looking for a community or location that has a zero-tolerance policy implemented to help with the prevention of temptation and relapse, a sober living solution or community in Delray may be right for you. Consider your personal history and past when it comes to your drug and alcohol use to determine the very best sober living solution you have available. With the right sober living home or community, you can begin rebuilding your life, goals, and dreams without the risk of falling for the temptations of drugs and alcohol again. Are you ready to find a sober living solution that is right for you in Delray? We can help. Our counselors are available 24/7 and are ready to take your call. Call 833-846-5669 for more information and to discover a sober living home for you.