What Happens if I Don’t Complete My Program at a Drug Rehab in Florida?

Starting a treatment program for drug or alcohol addiction can be the beginning of a new and exciting journey in your life. Addiction recovery programs are designed to provide you a solid foundation for this lifelong adventure in sobriety.

Each treatment program may to follow different guidelines or be based on slightly different beliefs for recovery. However, completing the program in its entirety is the key. If you don’t complete your program at a drug rehab, there are various consequences. Here is an overview of what might happen if you fail to complete a treatment program in Florida.

Legal Consequences

The legal system has wisely accepted the benefits that treatment can have in changing the lives of alcoholics and drug addicts. Often, these individuals are caught up in an addictive lifestyle where there seems to be no hope.

There are stories of a rekindled hope from recovering addicts and alcoholics that they felt during their first phone call for help. For this reason, judges, counselors and other legal professionals are inclined to give you a chance.

Jails and institutions may have outside programs that offer inmates an exposure to recovery. However, they are not treatment programs. If you have found yourself in legal hot water as the result of your addiction, you may accept a court-ordered treatment alternative.

When you choose this legal option in lieu of jail time, there will invariably be a prescribed length of treatment. A professional addiction counselor will often provide a recommendation to the court.

You will have the opportunity to enroll in treatment and successfully complete the program. As soon as you decide to leave or discontinue a treatment program prior to completion, you will face whatever legal consequences set by the court. In other words, if you fail to complete court-ordered treatment, you could be arrested and put in jail.

Relapse Consequences

Without even considering the statistics associated with relapse for individuals who complete a rehab program, failure to finish is like preparing for relapse. The evidence is overwhelming.

Very few addicts and alcoholics stay clean and sober when they quit a treatment program. The reasons for this are fairly simple. Number one, treatment programs are designed to build upon gradual stages.

Your journey in recovery is just that, a journey not an endpoint. When you stop a treatment program before getting through each stage, you miss out on important things. It’s like constructing a support foundation for your recovery.

When you fail to complete the program, it’s like leaving out a few important blocks. Eventually, without this knowledge, support and vital information, your foundation for recovery is compromised.

An incomplete recovery program is far more prone to result in relapse. No one is sure how many more relapses they have in their lives. Invariably, the consequences become increasingly more costly.

Some assume relapse is just an inherent part of recovery. Sure, there’s going to be some level of truth in that statement, but you also need to look at the entire situation. The circumstances of every single relapse usually involve some missing piece of the recovery puzzle.

Failing to finish a treatment program is one of those pieces of the puzzle. When you’re missing a few key tools, relapse is profoundly more probable. In addition, each relapse notoriously gets worse. Sooner or later, you may pay the ultimate consequence.

The Ultimate Consequence

There are too many stories of people who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction having their lives cut short. Most who have lived to tell their story insist that at some point they felt invincible against their addiction.

As you begin treatment, or if you’re in the middle and considering leaving, you must appreciate this reality. Failing to complete your treatment program significantly puts you at risk for a relapse. Every relapse is like rolling the dice with your life.

No one can project if or when the ultimate consequence may happen. However, the facts are startling. At some point too many alcoholics and addicts end up at this dreadful point in their addiction. They pay the ultimate consequence, their life.

You don’t have to experience any of these consequences that can result from failing to finish your treatment program. It is all up to you. If you’ve taken that all-important first step to seek help, a beautiful journey in recovery has begun.

The first step in addiction recovery is to accept your need for help. Once you do that, the doorway to opportunity will be open. Don’t stop before the miracle happens. Give yourself a chance an exciting new way to live and complete your treatment program. Call us today at 833-846-5669.