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What Happens If a Rehabilitation Center in Florida Won’t Take My Insurance?

If you are in the process of looking for a reputable addiction treatment center in Florida, you are to be commended for your courage. First, the decision to stop using drugs or alcohol is not an easy thing to contemplate, especially if your addiction has serious roots. Second, the decision to get treatment in Florida will position you to get an extraordinary level of care in the rehab capital of the world.

If the truth be told, one of your primary concerns will likely be paying for rehab. If you have healthcare insurance, you’ll be happy to know that by law, your insurance carrier is required to cover addiction treatment costs the same way they would any other medical condition. The statute that supports that fact is the Affordable Care act of 2009. By the way, the law does not dictate the extend of coverage. It’s up to you to consult your policy for treatment and monetary limitations.

You do need to be aware there is nothing in the law that states a rehab facility has to accept insurance as a form of payment. If you were expecting your chosen addiction treatment center to accept payment from your insurance company and they decline, you will have decisions to make.

What to Do if Your Rehab Won’t Accept Insurance Payments

It’s unfortunate that your rehab won’t accept your healthcare insurance as a form of payment. Upon discovering this news, you have two choices: you can search for a Florida rehab that does honor healthcare insurance or choose another payment option.

For what it’s worth, there are a lot of quality Florida rehabs that are happy to accept insurance payments. As a matter of fact, a majority of the nation’s top rehabs will usually accept insurance as a form of payment for treatment services. If you need suggestions on how to find resources to pay for your treatment, consider these options:

  • Cash from your personal savings
  • Credit cards or personal loans
  • Inquire about facility financing
  • Ask about possible scholarships or grants
  • Request help from a friend or relative

The fact you are reading this information could be an indication you are ready to fight back against your addiction. If so, we can help you start your recovery from addiction. For more information, you can call our treatment facility at