What Does Quitting Alcohol Do For You?

Does the prospect of giving up alcohol make you feel like you’ll be missing something important in your life? For many people, alcohol is a lot like a security blanket. You might choose to have a drink when you’re feeling anxious about events in your life, and drinking might be how you get yourself pumped up enough to go to social events. Drinking can even feel like an old friend that is always there when you need a pick-me-up. Once you realize that your relationship with alcohol has crossed the line into being unhealthy, you might know on some level that you need to stop drinking. Yet, the thought of giving it up may seem impossible when drinking is such a huge part of your life. Thinking about what quitting alcohol does for you helps you to start reframing what sobriety looks like for your life. In fact, exploring the benefits of quitting drinking might be all the inspiration you need to finally choose to get sober.

The benefits of quitting alcohol begin from the moment that you choose to take your last drink. Alcohol has multiple effects on your body and mind that bring you down without you even realizing it. The immediate effects of quitting drinking include less strain on your heart and liver. As your liver works hard to process the alcohol, it isn’t able to perform its other functions as well. Quitting drinking also has the benefit of helping to lower your blood pressure and get more oxygen to your brain. Once the alcohol clears your system, you’ll be able to think with greater clarity and perform tasks with more coordination.

While you’ll feel the effects of quitting drinking soon enough, it is important to be honest with you about the initial stages of withdrawal. At first, your body will react to having less alcohol in its system by generating physical and emotional side effects that might feel like a general hangover. If you’ve been drinking heavily for a while, then these withdrawal symptoms could be stronger and include ones that need professional attention. This is why heavy drinkers are often cautioned to seek addiction treatment during their first stage of detox. Getting through that rough patch, however, is worth it once you begin to feel the true benefits of quitting drinking.

Discover How Good It Feels to Break Free From Alcohol Addiction

A serious alcohol addiction takes a huge toll on your overall wellbeing. As time goes by, you’ll begin to enjoy these benefits of getting help.

•Avoid getting caught drinking and driving
•Get to work on time and be more productive
•Stop missing out on important family events
•Start improving your personal relationships
•Deal with your problems head-on so that you can move forward
•Quit worrying about hiding your drinking problem from other people

Having an alcohol addiction often feels like a guilty dirty secret, and you might have spent hours worrying about what other people would think if they knew that you had the problem. While you don’t have to tell anyone but your addiction treatment team about your addiction, you’ll still find that opening up about your alcohol use is very freeing. Being accepted by other people for who you are and realizing that you aren’t the only person with this problem helps you to start rebuilding your self-esteem.

Quitting alcohol also makes it possible to start dealing with the issues that hold you back in life. You might be drinking a lot at home to escape from problems in your relationship. Or, you might be avoiding thinking about your time in the military. Past traumas can mess with your mind and cause you to make choices that you might not if you were able to cope with your emotions in positive ways. Seeking help for your addiction puts you in touch with people who will help you start addressing your underlying problems so that the benefits just keep coming in your life.

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