What Does Grounding Mean In Recovery?

Grounding is an important technique to use during recovery as it helps you stop ruminating about the past and brings your mind to the present. It’s a beneficial method to use when you feel flooded with memories from the past and distressing thoughts of your future. Grounding exercises can range from simple to complex, and you get to control how deep you want to take things. Many folks find that these little techniques are helpful when there are moments of overwhelming anxiety, anger outbursts, or spells of post-traumatic stress. It helps to focus on the here and now rather than what’s behind you. Yes, it’s possible to rewire your focus to the present and stop going down this toxic path of bad choices and negative experiences.

The Importance of Grounding In Recovery

Going through the recovery process is challenging. Once you have a clear mind, you must face all the things you’ve done while in your addiction. You might have burnt bridges with your family or friends, and it’s a harsh reality to accept. However, if you dwell on these things, it can hinder your sobriety. So, for your emotional and mental health, these little exercises were created. Remember that what works for one person might not always work for another. So, there will be a period of trial and error that must occur until you can find what helps.

Common Grounding Techniques To Try

It’s often the case that people in recovery become desperate for whatever will work to bring their minds some peace. Thankfully, there are many different grounding techniques for you to explore, and you can try a few to see which one works, and here are a few to consider.

Back to Earth

There’s something very beneficial about putting your feet in the cold soil of the earth. You know that captivating feeling when you place your feet deep into the sand at the beach? Well, this technique feels like that. Take your shoes off and walk around barefoot. Feel the earth between your toes and the vibrations from Mother Nature. It helps you feel grounded when your world is spinning out of control.

Box Breathing

While deep breathing exercises are used in many techniques, they can undoubtedly help in grounding. Inhale deeply to the count of four. Now, you want to hold these breaths for four seconds or longer if you can. Then, purse your lips and slowly let out the air until the count of four. Box breathing is a highly effective way to bring your mind back into focus and calm panic and anxiety too.

Grounding Chair

If you find your mind wandering into things it shouldn’t, the grounding chair is an excellent exercise. Find a chair where your feet can comfortably touch the ground. Breathe in and out deeply for a few seconds. Now, feel the world around you as you become in touch with your surroundings. Notice the smells in the air, the room’s colors, and how your feet feel on the floor. This technique is beneficial when you feel overwhelmed and need to refocus.

Mental Exercises

There are many quick mental exercises that you can use to recenter your focus. Things like crossword puzzles, sudoku, word searches, and other small games of this nature can help you to refocus the brain. The good thing is that these tricks can be used anywhere to help you.

Things to Remember When Using Grounding Techniques

One thing that you must remember is that grounding in recovery doesn’t resolve the problem. These exercises only refocus the brain for a short period, but there’s still an underlying issue that must be managed. Think of it as putting a bookmark in a story you’re reading where you will come back later and pick it up.

Here are some other things to remember when using grounding exercises

  • Identify your triggers so that you can fight your negative urges.
  • Always keep one part of you connected to the ground when doing these techniques.
  • If you need to awaken your senses, then open your eyes.
  • Try to let go of past regrets and focus on the future.
  • Imagine negative thoughts washing away like the tides of the ocean.

Are You Ready to Get Help?

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