What Do You Learn in an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Going to an outpatient program is a great way to focus on your addiction treatment without the restrictions and expense of inpatient treatment. You still get treatment and support. You also learn a lot along the way. Here are some things you learn in an intensive outpatient program.

1. Recognize High-Risk People and Situations

There are certain people, places, and things that can lead you to bad behavior. It’s important to eliminate or minimize contact with these things when possible. However, you need to learn how to identify those triggers. Your therapists and peers in therapy will help you make these identifications.

2. Coping Mechanisms

Many people use drugs and alcohol to deal with stress, trauma, mental illness, or grief. When you get sober, those feelings do not go away. To prevent yourself from slipping during difficult moments, you need to find new ways to cope. Many people look to creative outlets, such as writing, playing an instrument, or playing. Other people rely on healthy influences to lean on in weak moments.

3. Forgive Yourself

We have all made a lot of mistakes in the past. People who suffer from addiction may have made more mistakes than others due to their addiction. Some people steal or neglect from family due to their problem. Many people have trouble forgiving themselves for these past actions. Outpatient therapy will help you realize that you may not be able to change the past, but you can change the future.

4. How To Ask For Help

Everyone needs help at times. However, many of us do not want to actually reach out to others for help. It makes us feel vulnerable and incapable. However, everybody has these moments. You need to learn how to suck up your pride and ask for help.

5. Fight

People who struggle with addiction are fighters. They must constantly maintain a dragon that lives inside of them every single day. You will learn how to bring that fighter out of you and continue to fight. You deserve to be healthy and happy. The people in your life deserve to see you healthy and happy. Take action to get there by going to an outpatient recovery program. Call us today at 833-846-5669.