What are the Benefits of a Women’s Drug Rehab?

Addiction doesn’t discriminate based upon gender, but women can face different challenges than men during their recovery. As a woman, you might feel pressured to balance a career while juggling the need to also manage your household responsibilities and raise your children. Society often puts large amounts of pressure on women to do it all, which can lead to the development of an addiction.

Our society also sometimes stigmatizes women for having an addiction in ways that men don’t always face. You might feel scared that someone will judge you for drinking too much after work, or you may worry about being viewed as someone who is out of control if you hold a public position such as being a schoolteacher. The benefits of a women’s drug rehab are vast, and understanding how this type of recovery setting can help you makes it possible to decide if this is your best option for getting sober.

Every recovery environment is different, and you’ll find that programs vary among the types of services they offer. However, these are just a few of the benefits that you enjoy with woman-focused treatment.

  • Feel safe and secure in the facility
  • Receive counseling that targets specific women’s needs
  • Open up in a nurturing environment
  • Use multiple types of therapy for well-rounded care
  • Learn how to overcome trauma in a caring environment
  • Find female peers and mentors who understand your situation

Give Yourself a Head Start On Sobriety With Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

If you’ve been struggling with an addiction for some time, then it is possible that you’ve been in some bad situations. Women sometimes use drugs or drink excessively to deal with trauma that comes from physical abuse. Placing yourself in an environment that is primarily comprised of women may help you feel safer about staying overnight in a facility. This sense of safety may also help you to feel comfortable about sharing your struggles. For some women, sharing about certain personal challenges may just be harder to do with men in the room. Sitting with a group of women who’ve shared similar experiences frees you up to say what’s on your mind.

Your counselors will also be highly-trained in providing support for women’s issues. Due to body size and hormones, women have a tendency to develop addictions faster than men. You might also find that you have trouble quitting drinking during certain times of the month, or you may have heightened mental health symptoms as you move into your menopause years. Women may struggle with postpartum depression after having a baby, or you might be trying to drown your sorrows after experiencing child loss. All of these life situations can hit women differently, and having support that is targeted to your needs helps you to find healthy ways to cope.

Women’s drug rehab programs often utilize multiple forms of therapy to help people find what works best for them. You may go to cognitive behavioral therapy in the morning and finish up your day with holistic practices such as yoga that benefit your overall wellness. Recreational therapy, such as art and music programs, further provide you with new ways to relax and discover what types of activities you might enjoy once you return home.

In addition to the wonderful therapy programs, you’ll find that one of the best parts of being in a women’s treatment center is that you’ll be in an inclusive environment. Making new friends and finding mentors who all understand your lifestyle makes it easier to get sober, and you’ll soon discover that you’ve got a new network of support to lean on as you move towards long-term sobriety.

Do you think that you might do best in a women’s drug rehab center? We’ve got one that will help you thrive in sobriety. Give us a call today at 833-846-5669 to get information about where you can go to recover in a supportive environment.