What Are Some Negative and Untrue Things to Avoid Saying About Addicts in a Delray Rehab?

What are the myths around rehab? There is much that is said about addiction that may not be true. Those in Delray rehab as well as others in treatment around the country, should be aware of the negative beliefs that you might hear about recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Family, friends and peers as well as strangers may be misinformed when it comes to rehab. People who have just begun rehab as well as outsiders may say things that they have heard.

These may not be the truth and are considered myths that surround drugs and rehab. Without proper knowledge and experience, you should not be speaking about substance abuse and the success of treatment. Many rumors are untrue and just create fear or misunderstanding about what is involved in addiction and recovery from drugs and alcohol. They can also be hurtful, as those who have come to rehab have taken a step towards their own healing and recovery and will be focusing on wellness, not on stories, rumors and myths. Being surrounded by positive ideas and knowledge of the ability to change is part of the success of treatment.

Myth Busters: Words and Rumors to Avoid

There are some government studies that break the myths around substance abuse. Some of these myths are the following:

  • You have to hit what is termed, \”rock bottom\” before you can be helped
  • Willpower is all that you need
  • Severe substance abuse is a disease; you can do nothing about it
  • Addiction is a lifelong proposition
  • If treatment is forced, it will not work

The first statement is untrue; you can begin recovery at any time and do not have to hit \”rock bottom.\” The next statement regarding willpower is untrue, as the brain is often changed with addiction and treatment can be effective for recovery. Of course, you can do something about it, in the third myth; that is why treatment for addiction is possible.

Addiction does not have to be lifelong, if the right treatment is sought and therapy is included. That last myth written, regarding forced treatment is not true; as treatment does not have to be voluntary to be successful. Those who enter treatment because of their family, the legal system or n employer can still recover from substance abuse. You do not have to want treatment for it to be successful; pressure from friends and family is often what brings a person into treatment in the first place. Other myths around substance abuse include some that go:

  • Only \”hard drugs,\” such as cocaine and heroin are addictive
  • Rehab doesn\’t work
  • Addiction is a character flaw
  • Treatment should be a one-time deal

It is not true that only hard drugs are addictive; there are abundant other drugs, including those prescribed, such as opiates, that can lead to addiction. Rehab offers a customized plan, aimed at your needs and concerns, whether for drugs or alcohol, to address your addiction. As far as the myth that rehab doesn\’t work, there are many successes from those who have either quit cold turkey or have enjoyed recovery after their only stint at a treatment center. For some, it make take long term treatment or repeated treatments. In regard to addiction as a character flaw, addiction causes changes within the molecules of the brain and the way that it functions. And the last one that says treatment should be a one-time deal, that is false, as some may require repeated treatments, while others this may go to rehab several times before recovering.

If you are over 18 and ready to bust the myths, we are here to help you. You do not have to listen to rumors to get your life back on track. Don\’t let myths and negative thoughts surround your hesitation to succeed at treatment in Delray. Rehab works when you believe in positive outcomes and no longer want to be ruled by addictive substances. Give us a call at 833-846-5669 to learn more about the truth regarding recovery from addictive substances. Our counselors are waiting to take your call, and our trained staff can get you on a transformational and positive track to recovery and a better, more fulfilling life.

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