What Are Some Common Things You Might Not Expect About Opiate Recovery at Affordable Rehab?

Going into addiction recovery with an open mind helps you to be in the right place for discovering new things that help you stay sober. Opiate recovery is often depicted as being painful, hard and almost impossible to achieve. While it is true that opiates generate serious withdrawal symptoms, you do need to know that getting sober doesn’t have to be horrible. You also don’t have to try to manage this on your own. People who receive professional assistance with their recovery from opiate drugs are more likely to avoid a relapse. You’ll also find that going to an affordable rehab introduces you to new concepts and experiences that you might not expect. Yet, every one of them will make your opiate recovery better.

One of the first things that you might not expect about going to treatment is that it is surprisingly affordable. Opiate rehab programs are based upon the common understanding that it is important for people who are battling an addiction to be financially secure. Addiction services are treated just like any other health treatment. This means that your health insurance will cover at least a portion of your stay in rehab. In many cases, you may be able to have your treatment fully covered. If you don’t have health insurance, then there are other financial options available to make it possible for you to get treatment. These may include things such as discounts, scholarships from charitable organizations and payment plans. You can also rest assured that you will be treated with respect and compassion no matter how you pay for your rehab.

Make Your Opiate Recovery Easier With a Full Range of Support Services

In addition to affordability, there are other common things that you might not expect to discover when you walk through the doors of a recovery center. People often remark upon how surprisingly normal everything seems. People from all different walks of life develop opiate addictions. While the movies often show people in rehab as being unsavory or out of control, the truth is that this is not the way treatment centers run. Instead, you’ll meet other people who are a lot like you. They may be doctors, police officers or teachers. They may also be students or cashiers. Either way, they all share the common ground of wanting to get off of opiates.

You might also think that opiate recovery is uncomfortable or impossible to achieve. At a treatment center that is designed for people who use opiates, you’ll find that the treatment plan is developed to keep you comfortable. You don’t have to spend days in pain or feeling sick. Instead, you’ll be treated to services that help to ease your withdrawal symptoms. Medications, counseling and distracting activities are all a few things that you can expect to help you through your initial recovery. Once you are reaching the end of your treatment, you’ll also receive assistance with getting your life on track. Career counseling, assistance with finding housing and outpatient therapy are a few services that allow you to repair damage that was done while you were still using drugs.

It is also common for people to find that they actually enjoy their addiction treatment. A large part of your day is spent in counseling and group therapy sessions that help you figure out why you use opiates. These sessions are enlightening, and you might discover that there are underlying reasons for your addiction that you didn’t suspect. You can also feel good knowing that your addiction is not your fault. Being able to reach a point of self-forgiveness eases any shame or guilt that you feel about misusing opiates.

Finally, you can expect to have some fun. Recreational activities are a huge part of addiction treatment. During your time in opiate rehab, you might have the opportunity to do some of the following activities.

  • arts and crafts
  • listen to or play music
  • swim
  • play basketball
  • workout
  • meditate

Rehab is meant to be a time when you can rediscover who you are and begin to create an enjoyable lifestyle in sobriety. Be willing to branch out and try new things. You may just discover a new passion that helps you soar through your first year of being sober.

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