Should You Try Intensive Outpatient Rehab Before Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab may sound like a radical move because it will be completely isolating you from the world, cost thousands of dollars, and require you to take time off work. The addiction treatment industry is making more treatment options available for those who are employed and have families. One of the options that has been available for quite a while is intensive outpatient rehab (IOP). IOP requires a lot of discipline and is best for those who are not as progressed in their disease. If you have a strong desire to get better, self-discipline, and do not use your substance of choice every day, IOP may be right for you. Since IOP offers many benefits, it is worth trying before inpatient rehab.

The benefits of IOP include:
• Flexibility
• Affordability
• The ability to continue working, going to school, raising your family, and fulfilling other priorities.
• Having the support system of your close friends and family.

How to Work the Intensive Outpatient Treatment the Right Way

Addiction treatment is not one-size-fits all. However, many people still support the traditional inpatient rehab model because of its proven success rates over several decades. People tend to be more skeptical about IOP and other outpatient options because there are not as many statistics on the actual success rate of those programs. Many people end up needing inpatient treatment because they do not work the IOP program the right way.

IOP programs meet several days a week for approximately three hours. A large amount of the meeting time is dedicated to group therapy. Group therapy is beneficial because it allows you to relate to others and acquire solutions from those who have been there. However, group therapy does not give you the time or attention to address your individual issues. If your IOP program does not offer individual counseling, you should request it. Underlying psychological issues give most addicted individuals the predisposition to becoming addicted. If you do not address your own issues, you will not successfully recover. You should also find a recovery program (e.g. AA, NA, SMART Recovery, etc.) to go to for additional support. Recovery requires lifestyle changes. You should consider exercising, eating healthy, avoiding unnecessary stress, doing fun activities, and even moving away from relapse triggers to take the holistic approach to recovery.

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