Should You Travel for Addiction Treatment?

The decision of where to go for addiction treatment is not one to make lightly. On top of making sure that a rehab center offers the services that you need, you might be concerned about its location. Trying to determine whether or not you should travel for addiction treatment involves thinking carefully about what you hope to get out of a program along with the individual circumstances that fit your specific situation. In some cases, it might be necessary to travel for treatment. This is especially true if you live in an unsafe environment where it may be better to get away from negative influences. In other cases, you might want to stay put. This is most likely to apply if you already live in a place that is known for being a hub for the top treatment centers such as Florida.

If you don’t already live in the same state as your preferred addiction treatment center, then there are some clear advantages to traveling. Asking yourself these questions can help you to decide if this is the best option for beginning your recovery.
•Do you need a new environment to jumpstart your motivation?
•Does an out-of-state treatment center offer different services that you like?
•Do you prefer to get away from negative influences?
•Are you in need of mandated rehab services such as through the Marchman Act?
•Could traveling make going to rehab seem more enticing?

Start Thinking About Rehab As a New Adventure

People travel for addiction treatment all the time, yet the reasons for doing so tend to vary from one person to another. One of the biggest benefits of traveling for treatment is being able to change how you view sobriety. For many people, the thought of being sober generates a sense of fear that they’ll be stuck living a boring lifestyle. Traveling instantly changes that mindset by making sobriety seem new and exciting. After dealing with an addiction, it is common for people to feel stuck in a rut. You might have stopped making new friends when you were so focused on using drugs or alcohol. Or, you may have even lost interest in all of your former favorite hobbies since you lacked the time or energy to keep them going.

If you’ve looked at your current lifestyle and found that it just isn’t working for you, then venturing out of your comfort zone sends a message to your brain that you are ready for something new. Choosing to travel opens up opportunities to expand your lifestyle. Florida rehab programs are already set up in the perfect place to start building a positive outlook on life. After all, you can’t feel too frustrated or sad when you are living in one of the sunniest places on earth. Those beach vibes go a long way towards improving your mental health, even if you aren’t quite ready to hit the waves yet.

Viewing your treatment as a new adventure also helps you to start preparing mentally for making positive changes in your life. Making new friends is easier when you are in a new place and have no choice but to branch out and interact with people that you might not meet in your normal neighborhood. It is also easier to try new hobbies when you are already in an experimental mood. Essentially, the whole world opens up when you choose to travel beyond familiar territory.

Since addiction treatment can often take more than just a few days, thinking about your stay in a rehab center as a vacation makes it seem more tolerable. In fact, you can even use your trip as an explanation for your absence if you are worried about giving people too many details about your addiction. Most people expect others to travel occasionally for vacations, which makes it easy to tell your coworkers that you are simply going to Florida to relax for a week or two. Flying out to an addiction treatment center is an easy way to ensure that you maintain your need for confidentiality. Even packing for your stay is more fun when you are traveling since you can get excited about throwing in your favorite shorts when everyone else might still be bundling up back at home.

Does the prospect of spending time somewhere new get you excited about going to treatment? We’ve got the perfect out-of-state rehab center to help keep that momentum going. Reach out to our team today to discuss which beautiful location is perfect for helping you start your recovery. We can help, call now 833-846-5669.