Should I Talk to the Bank or a Rehab Center About How to Pay for Rehab?

One of the biggest concerns for struggling addicts in terms of seeking treatment is how to pay for the help they need. While addiction treatment varies among the different rehab facilities, most addicts are unable to pay the total cost out of pocket. This means acquiring the needed funding from other sources and, while it may be hard to believe, there are actually many different resources that can help you cover the costs of addiction treatment in a rehab center.

To begin, you should contact your insurance company. Whether you have private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare, your insurance may cover a portion of your rehab costs. Discussing your needs with your insurance provider may make you aware of the coverage that you didn’t realize was provided in your policy. Depending on your policy, your insurance may even cover the majority of the cost of rehab, but where do you go if you still need financial aid?

Choosing Between the Rehab Center or a Traditional Lender

Your next step should be to choose a rehab treatment center and discuss financing options with them. Some facilities offer in-house financing options that may suit your needs, or they may know of financial assistance programs that are available to you. Depending on how much assistance you need, you may be able to work out some type of payment program with the rehab center. Some local and state governments offer tuition assistance and grants for rehab in much the same way that they offer financial aid to college students.

Finally, going to a bank may be an option to consider. Although getting financing through a traditional lender may rely upon your credit rating and borrowing history, this is an option that has helped some addicts obtain the financing they need. You should be prepared to go through a more complicated application process and, if the loan is approved, you may also be subject to a higher interest rate. As long as you are aware of these financial hurdles, borrowing from a bank is an option that may help you get into rehab.

When you are ready to discuss your addiction recovery, you can call us at 833-846-5669. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions about treatment and about obtaining financial assistance. Once you understand more about how rehab centers operate, you’ll be more prepared to take the next step towards your recovery.