Reasons Why You Should Go To Rehab Before You Hit Rock Bottom

Rock bottom is one of those terms you hear in the addiction world that doesn’t always seem clear to someone outside and looking in. For some people, rock bottom is turning to street drugs when their prescription runs out. For others, it can mean landing in the hospital with an overdose. With so many variances in what hitting rock bottom means, you might be wondering when you’ll finally hit yours.

After all, movies and TV shows often glamorize the process of reaching the point where life has to change. Although it might be entertaining to watch a character go to the deepest depths of their addiction, the truth is that it isn’t so good to watch your life fall completely apart. Thinking over these reasons why you should go to rehab before you hit rock bottom can help you come to grips with the idea that it is better to get help now before you dig yourself in deeper.

•Avoid dealing with financial or legal trouble
•Save your relationships before they completely end
•Reduce how much time you have to spend fixing your mistakes
•Opt out of potential long-term health issues
•Stop trying to figure out where your rock bottom exists

Whether you prefer drugs or alcohol doesn’t matter when it comes to reaching rock bottom because the effects tend to be the same. You can wind up in jail or in serious debt, even if you use legal substances. Receiving a DUI might be your definition of rock bottom, but you’ll want to remember that legal issues aren’t so easy to overcome. Once you have a drug arrest or DUI charge on your record, you might find it harder to get a job or get other people to trust you again. Owing money to drug dealers or financial lenders isn’t easy either. Some people spend years trying to regain their financial stability after they’ve spent all of their money on drugs, and an eviction or vehicle repossession can haunt your credit history for years.

As your life unravels, you also want to remember that your relationships suffer. If you have a spouse, senior loved one, kids or even a pet, then the damage that you do to your life also impacts them. Seeking help before you hit rock bottom can ensure that your closest relationships stay intact.

Start Looking Up by Finding a Quality Rehab Program

There is some truth to the idea that the stronger you are, then the harder you fall. Some of the most confident, beautiful and intelligent people in the world fall prey to addiction, and these people often find it harder to pull themselves up after hitting their lowest point in life. The reason for this is that it is hard to ask for help. It is even harder to admit that your life is out of control when it might seem to others that you have it all together. If you already worry about what other people will think, then it might help to consider how much worse things could get.

Choosing to go to rehab before your life falls completely apart makes it easier to start rebuilding. Most people have no clue where their personal rock bottom exists, and it is possible to push addiction so far that an overdose makes it impossible to come back. Survivors of addiction tend to have a better prognosis when they get help before they’ve hit their lowest point, and your healing begins the moment that you put the drugs or alcohol down and pick up the phone.

Instead of spending your time wondering where your rock bottom is, you’ll be able to start focusing on building a brighter future. It only makes sense that you’ll see progress in your life faster when you have a shallower hole to dig your way out of. If you haven’t hit rock bottom yet, then you can find relief in knowing that you don’t have to. Working with a professional team of addiction treatment providers helps you to start making changes that drive you closer to your goals.

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