Is West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Going to Give Me Back My Son?

A lot of devastating things happen to people who get caught in the cycle of addiction. It’s unfortunate, but that’s what occurs when people lose control of their lives. The first step one should take to get their life back on track reaches out for help from a reputable addiction treatment facility like the one we run in West Palm Beach.

After getting treatment, recovering addiction sufferers get ample opportunity to right some of the wrongs that occurred while they were fighting their addiction. That includes getting the opportunity to mend relationships with family members.

Perhaps the biggest tragedy that comes from someone abusing drugs is the collateral damage done to kid/parent relationships. If you lost custody of your child due to your addictive behavior or any other personal issues, please pay attention to the next section.

Is West Palm Beach Drug Rehab Going to Give Me Back My Son?

Based on the emphasis of the titled question, we are going to work on one presumption: your child was legally removed from your custody due to legal issues or difficulties with your spouse or ex-spouse. This happens far more than anyone would want to believe.

At this point, you are ready to seek help, and you are wondering if a West Palm Beach rehab center like ours can get your child back for you. The short answer is that’s not something a rehab facility is going to be able to manage directly. Before you get too disappointed with that answer, it is possible for a rehab facility to indirectly help you earn your child back.

What does indirectly mean? You see, your number initial focus has to be on getting yourself healthy again. Until you have your feet firmly planted on the road of recovery, it’s not likely anyone is going to favor having your child returned to you. However, you can earn a big chance to recover your child if you enter rehab and do good work.

By doing good work, we are referring to you entering rehab and detoxing off your substance of choice. At that point, you’ll need to go through intensive therapy both as an individual and in groups. Your treatment is going to require you to be devoted to the process of searching for the root causes of your addiction. If you can identify what’s been driving your to substance abuse, you’ll have a real opportunity to put into place coping mechanisms that can help you stay with your sobriety.

Then and only then will you be in a position where people will realize how much hard work you have done to get your life back on track. That will likely earn you points with the ex and the court system. In all likelihood, your rehab facility would be willing to advocate on your behalf to help you regain custody. There are no guarantees. However, you can do all you can do to establish and maintain your sobriety and let good sense take it from there.

If you are ready to get treatment, we are ready to open the door. If regaining custody of your child is your ultimate goal, it’s an honorable one and something we would like to assist you with. For more information about our services, please call us at 833-846-5669.