Is Rehabilitation in Florida Possible if You Have No Savings and Bad Credit?

Signing yourself into a rehabilitation center in Florida can be a difficult step. You’re committing yourself to your recovery, an issue that is important yet sometimes tough to execute. It’s even harder if you don’t have the money to pay for a stay in rehab. Many people wonder if rehabilitation in Florida is possible if they do not have any savings or if their credit is bad. Read on for the answer.

Choosing Your Level of Care

The first step to consider is the level of care you can commit to. Luckily, rehab isn’t all or nothing. You don’t have to commit to a six-month stay if you cannot afford it. Rehabilitation centers in Florida usually offer multiple options, from full-time to part-time to even weekend options. If you don’t have any savings and your credit is bad, you may want to consider signing up for outpatient services. It will be the less expensive choice, and you may be able to set up a payment plan for services. Outpatient allows you to come and go from the center during the week. You can keep up with your responsibilities while getting the help you need.

Check with Your Insurance Company

If you have health insurance, then you may be pleasantly surprised to find that they will cover certain rehab services and costs. Talk to a representative of your insurance company to find out exactly what they will and won’t cover. You may be able to use your insurance to check into a rehab for a certain amount of days or weeks. Some insurance may even cover certain aftercare services after you are done with the initial rehab. Once you figure out what types of services your insurance covers, you can begin narrowing down your search by rehabs that will take your plan.

Look for Grants or Loans

If you don’t have the savings or credit to place yourself in rehab on your own, you may be able to find help from various places. There are state-funded drug rehab programs available in Florida that allow you to get the treatment you need for free. Other free or inexpensive resources include teen drug rehab services, Christian drug rehab, and LGBQTIA+ services. You can search for programs on your own online, or you can talk to your doctor about what is available in your area. If they are unsure of who can help, they will still be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

Many churches and organizations also provide grants and loans for clients who need help with rehab costs. These organizations will help you through the application process and provide you with rehab centers that will accept their grant money.

Ask About Payment Plans

Don’t let poor credit or no savings stop you from getting help. Always talk to the rehab you are considering their options. Their number one priority is helping clients get clean from their drug or alcohol addiction, so they will help you find the easiest way for you to pay. Many rehab centers in Florida offer payment plans for those who qualify. If you are considered low-income and don’t have any money to put towards your stay, then the center may help you by setting up a payment plan. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Call us today at 833-846-5669.