Is It Ever Better to Do Intensive Outpatient Programs Instead of Residential Treatment Programs?

There’s no denying that outpatient recovery programs cost less just because they require fewer resources, but that’s not the only benefit. There are many reasons that you might prefer participating in an intensive outpatient program rather than check yourself into a treatment facility for an inpatient service. While outpatient programs aren’t right for everyone, they can provide a wealth of benefits for those who can successfully complete this type of treatment.

One of the biggest concerns for addicts considering treatment is that it will interrupt their daily lives. This means they may have to take a leave of absence from their jobs or they may have to resign altogether. Intensive outpatient programs help to avoid that situation by allowing recovering addicts the freedom to continue working. While they still have to attend regular therapy and counseling sessions on a daily basis, they’re free to go to work as well. This helps them face the devastating situation of unemployment, while also allowing them to continue earning money to pay their bills.

Stay Connected with Family

Another major advantage of intensive outpatient treatment is that you can still live at home with your family. In recovery, building a strong support system is essential to your recovery. This can be a little more difficult with inpatient rehab, because the other recovering addicts are strangers to you and it may take time to develop trust. However, outpatient therapy lets you rely on your loved ones, who are much more invested in your successful recovery. The positive support you receive from your family will help you recover more successfully.

Additionally, you can still benefit from the support of other recovering addicts. One requirement of intensive outpatient programs is that you participate in a group therapy or 12-step program. This will enable you to connect with recovering addicts in your area, which will result in broadening your support system. The larger your support system, the less likely it is that you will experience a relapse.
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