Is It Better to Go to Rehab Centers in South Florida Than Try to Quit Cold Turkey?

Those with a drug or alcohol dependency often struggle with the idea of going to rehab. Many will try to convince themselves that they can quit on their own and that drug rehab is not really necessary. Is it really important to seek in-person treatment rather than trying to quit cold turkey? A recovery center is actually a better option for a number of reasons-here’s why.

Dangers Associated with Withdrawal

Severe side effects are likely whenever you stop using drugs. A few you are likely to encounter include:

• Tremors and/or seizures
• Headaches
• Nausea and vomiting
• Chills or fever
• Hallucinations
• Itching or crawling sensations in the skin

Depending on your level of addiction, the above symptoms could potentially be life-threatening. However, medically-supervised detox will allow you to withdraw safely and remain as comfortable as possible. Hence, you are less likely to begin using again just to alleviate your symptoms.

Prepares you for Recovery

A common misconception is that you have beaten your addiction once you stop using drugs. However, this is actually the point at which the real work begins. Once you have completed detox, you are ready to begin more intense treatment to help you identify the causes of your addiction and avoid triggers.

Unless you complete this process, you won’t truly understand your dependency. In that case, the odds of you repeating that behavior in the future are very high. So never assume that rehab is unnecessary because you have already quit using drugs.

It Changes your Environment

Overcoming substance abuse is always a challenge. It’s even more difficult when you must also contend with work or family obligations. Even the most strong-willed individuals can find themselves self-medicating with drugs or alcohol in order to cope.

A rehab facility in south Florida allows you to escape the pressures of everyday life and focus solely on getting well. In fact, people from up and down the East Coast visit the Sunshine State for drug and alcohol treatment. The mild climate and serene atmosphere make it the perfect location in which to achieve sobriety.

Provides you with Support

Another obstacle that many people have involves emotional support. Many users do not have a solid network of people they can count on when times get tough. Some are also involved in toxic relationships that they are simply not equipped to deal with.

Peer pressure is another issue to consider. If you have friends or family members who use, don’t expect them to offer support and encouragement. In reality, they are more likely to throw obstacles in your way. That’s because your success will only remind them of their own failures. As long as you’re still using, they won’t have to confront their own substance abuse issues.

These things are not a problem while you are at a rehab center. Inpatient treatment provides you with access to supportive staff and a host of programs and resources to help you get well. You’ll also receive support from others who are facing similar circumstances. So you will make new friends and learn to encourage others as they provide support and encouragement back.

Overcoming Common Excuses

There are a few reasons why people try to avoid going to rehab. A few of the excuses we hear most often involves paying for treatment. Some people are also wondering how they will explain their absence or wonder what others will think.

Perhaps you too have been using some of these excuses for not going to rehab. If so, you should know that insurance will often pay for all or most of the cost of treatment. And there are affordable payment options to help you cover any balance.

The fact that you have enrolled in a rehabilitation program is completely confidential. No one will have to know unless you would like them to. This includes co-workers as your employer must limit the number of people who know about your absence to as few as possible.

Don’t go it Alone when Help is Available

Quitting cold turkey is harder than most people realize. As such, most people reach long-term sobriety only after enrolling in rehab. If you are struggling, it’s time to stop kidding yourself. Instead, reach out to us at 833-846-5669 so that we can provide you with the best possible opportunity for success.